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Accredited Therapeutic Boarding School

Turning Winds is accredited through Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC). Accreditation assures parents that their teens are receiving a quality education that will be recognized across state lines and by colleges and universities across the world. Furthermore, good accrediting bodies help to ensure that the school engages the entire school staff in meeting rigorous standards and in continuous improvement. Our commitment is to help each teen achieve their highest potential. The end result of a good academic program is to see the love of learning passed on to the pupils enrolled. When students find success in the classroom it changes their lives.

Ideal Classroom Size | Therapeutic Boarding School

Most classrooms in public schools will vary in size but can have up to 30-40 students. This is close to the size of our entire teen boarding school population. Our typical class size ranges between 6- 12. This allows our certified teachers to individualize each teen’s academic plan in order to monitor progress and make frequent adjustments to ensure a successful academic outcome. Most teens prior to attending our school were grossly underachieving academically. Once enrolled in our individualized academic program these same students who were underachieving find success through our individualized learning model. Our students have gone on to attend many of the top universities in the nation.

Boarding School Statistics

On average, our students maintain a 3.5 GPA, complete 2 years of schooling, and increase GPA by nearly a full letter grade in a 12 month period of time. Not many boarding schools can achieve that kind of a turn around in such a short period of time. We can help turn your child’s academic failures into academic achievement.

Turning Winds typical student has an average to above average IQ and yet many are failing in school prior to enrollment. Once enrolled in our individualized academic program these same students who were underachieving find success through our individualized learning model. Our approach makes the difference! Shortly after enrollment the student’s academic plan is completed. Our comprehensive academic plan is specific to the needs of each student and ensures an organized learning experience that helps to maximize success in learning for each teen attending our boarding school. Our school’s academic program can work for your child.

Turning Winds Offers Ap Classes And Dual Enrollment Options

Turning Winds offers almost any class our students will need to take to continue with their education. For classes beyond our scope of certification we are able to leverage our relationship with Montana digital academy (MTDA). MTDA is specifically designed to provide unique educational opportunities to Montana students and schools. MTDA offers elective courses that expose students to subjects that may not be available in their local schools including AP classes. Additionally, students attending Turning Winds’s academic school may also work on dual enrollment classes through a number of participating higher education programs in the area that have partnered with schools like Turning Winds.

Boarding School Academic Mission Statement

Live to Learn. Learn to Live.

Turning Winds seeks to turn hearts and minds toward a brighter future. We challenge each teen attending our therapeutic boarding school to achieve personal excellence in academics, communication and thinking skills in order to become a self-directed, contributing member of society.


Academic Philosophy

Our teachers are dedicated to providing each teen with an excellent education. Educators structure learning for students based upon their specific learning needs and growth. Turning Winds provides a variety of teaching and learning opportunities such as: experiential learning, leadership development, career planning, field trips, technology integration, as well as additional educational activities and resources that have been integrated to support student learning.

Turning Winds seeks to turn hearts and minds toward a brighter future. At our boarding school for troubled teens, we challenge each student to achieve personal excellence in academics, communication, and thinking skills in order to become a self-directed, contributing member of society.

We Believe

  • All students have the capacity to learn.
  • Individual students have different learning modalities.
  • High expectations are necessary for the student to reach their greatest potential.
  • The products of lifelong learning, through goal setting and persistence, are satisfaction and success.

Our Goal Is To Equip Each Teen With

  • Personal values based on selflessness and commitment.
  • Skills in critical thinking and quality decision making.
  • The accumulation of academic skills for a variety of occupational choices.
  • Communication skills of the highest standards in reading, writing, and speaking.
  • Basic technology skills to succeed in academics.
  • An environment that instills leadership qualities through peer interactions.
  • Integrity while participating in all academic and social activities.
  • A strong sense of self-discipline which enables the child to act responsibly.

Experiential Learning At Our Therapeutic Boarding School

Therapeutic boarding schools are effective in helping teens find direction and motivation. Included in our curriculum are many experiential learning opportunities such as: white-water rafting trips, mountain biking, orienteering, camping, backpacking, community service projects, outdoor projects, field trips, and many more opportunities. These types of activities are implemented to give our students a well-rounded academic experience during their stay at our successful program for teens. Everything that occurs in and out of our classroom has been specifically designed to promote and establish a pattern of success with each student.

Turning Winds Teen Boarding School Modules

Course requirements ensure all teens, regardless of their learning abilities, are provided opportunities to demonstrate academic growth. The curriculum plan and course requirements provide a variety of techniques in which students may achieve success.

  • High School Program
  • GED
  • College Program
  • CLEP Preparation and Testing
  • Curriculum, Instruction, Technology

Our Montana Boarding School can help your teen. Contact us now to learn how Turning Winds can help with your child’s education or call (800) 845-1380.

Montana Boarding Schools For Troubled Teens

You may have thought or may be thinking “My teen is failing school, what do I do?” Our teen boarding school has helped underachieving troubled teens realize their academic potential for over a decade. Our academic program is proven and works in unison with all other boarding school departments to assist in the overall success of our residents.

We can help. Turning Winds is a teen boarding school located in Northwestern Montana. Our world-class academic institution at our therapeutic boarding school offers small class sizes and guaranteed success. Students may take AP classes, SAT and ACT tests, and complete college entrance applications.

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