Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens & Adolescents from Alabama, located in Montana

If your teen is struggling with behavioral and/or mental health issues including, but not limited to, depression, anxiety, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), oppositional defiance disorder (ODD), trauma/PTSD, reactive attachment disorder (RAD), addiction, or any other underlying mental health issue, we want to help you find the best care. Turning Winds is a unique residential treatment center located in Montana that has integrated into its model some of the best elements from therapeutic boarding schools and wilderness therapy. Contact us online for more information, or call us at 800-845-1380. If we miss your call, rest assured we will reconnect with you promptly to start planning your transformative experience at Turning Winds.

How To Find The Best Teen Treatment

Your Goal

As a parent your goal is to care for your child and provide them with every opportunity so they might go on to live a happy, successful, and healthy life. Our job is to help you get there when you run into roadblocks like the one you may be experiencing now. The kind of care we suggest is a program that offers a variety of treatment modalities that include therapy for mental, behavioral, and substance use disorders along with providing an opportunity for your child to catch up in school and explore new hobbies and skills. The most successful programs from our experience of treating teens since opening our doors in 2002 focus on treating and healing the whole person. We want to make sure that no matter where you send your child, you are equipped with the information and facts to help them get the best care possible.

Location, Location, Location

Length of Stay

The length of stay is actually very important. You may have heard of 30 day inpatient treatment centers that are commonly referred to as short stay programs, partial hospitalization programs (PHP), and intensive outpatient programs (IOP); each of these levels of care can be beneficial for a teen who has already worked through their issues in a long-term residential treatment program, but they should not be your first choice when deciding on where to send your child. The reality is that they need the opportunity to heal while also learning how to implement the skills and tools they are being gifted into their daily life; it would be unrealistic and unfair to expect them to heal within a 30 day stay. If your child was physically ill and this illness threatened their immediate life you would want the best treatment possible from the beginning so we encourage you to look at whatever they are struggling with right now in the same light. It’s a decision that could be the difference between life and death and so it should be treated as seriously.

Now that you have a goal in mind, it’s time to discuss location. Did you know that sending your child to a treatment program that is not close to home can actually enhance their chances at success life-long? There are a few factors that cause this. When a child is struggling, it can and will affect the whole family and create excessive stress, emotional turmoil, and unhealthy boundaries in the home; the home life becomes toxic. When a child is removed from the unhealthy environment it gives both the teen and the family a break and allows each to recharge and heal. Going off to a program like this is not a punishment, but rather an amazing opportunity to learn, grow, build self-esteem, and recover long-term so that your child can go on to live up to their truest potential.

Insurance and Cost

Although this can be an anxiety provoking discussion, it is one that must be had. The best way to figure out cost of treatment is to take it step-by-step so as to not overwhelm yourself. First, determine what, if any, insurance coverage you have and what they will cover. Second, look into what you have available within your family means as well as any other members that may be willing to help that could help. Third, you will want to also check with any programs that you are interested in as they may be able to advocate more care and coverage on your behalf. This will make the process easier and allow you to come up with the best plan of action.

Can Turning Winds Help?

Turning Winds is a teen treatment center that provides therapy, activities, adventure, and schooling. No matter what time of year it is or what kind of struggles they are dealing with in their studies, we can help them get back on track for a brighter future. We are located in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains of Troy, Montana. Turning Winds prides itself on offering quality solutions regarding teen mental and behavioral health issues and substance use disorders. We have an amazing dedicated and loving team who believe in the hope and healing of our youth. Whether you are looking to come to our family here at Turning Winds or wanting to get help in Alabama, let us guide you to getting your teen on the right path.

You are not alone and Turning Winds can help! contact us now for more information at 800-845-1380.

One of our many goals here at Turning Winds is to be able to help those seeking it, so we provided a list of free resources below.

Alabama Health & Human Service Resources

United Way AL is a nationwide helpline for information and resources.

211 Alabama is a local helpline service that provides information and resources specific to residents in AL.

SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration) is a treatment finder for those who have limited funds and/or insurance coverage.

AA Alabama (Alcoholics Anonymous) is a 12-step program for alcoholism.

Al-Anon / Al-Ateen is a 12-step program for loved ones associated with an alcoholic.

NA Alabama (Narcotics Anonymous) is a 12-step program for drug addiction.

Nar-Anon is a 12-step program for loved ones associated with a drug addict.

LGBTQ is a support group in AL for the LGBTQ community.

Youth Services provides information and resources for adolescents and families.

AL State Department of Education provides information and resources for Alabama educational system.

Heal With Turning Winds

If you have an adolescent who is struggling with mental, behavioral, and/or addiction issues, we can help. Turning Winds has provided treatment, educational services, and resources since opening it’s doors in 2002. We believe every child should have the opportunity to get help they deserve, whether it be with us here at Turning Winds or another program. Contact us now for more information. You are not alone and we are here to help!

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