Disclaimer: While we provide services nationwide, please note that our treatment facility is situated in Northwest Montana.

Disclaimer: While we provide services nationwide, please note that our treatment facility is situated in Northwest Montana.

Residential Treatment Centers for Teens in Iowa

Iowa is the only state that is bordered by major river systems and produces more corn than any other state.  We love the people in the great state of Iowa and hope to continue to build our connections with both medical and clinical professionals in offering our support to provide an exceptional option for teens who are struggling with mental health or substance abuse.  Turning Winds provides a unique treatment environment nestled in the Rocky Mountains in the great state of Montana. 

We know that the teenage years can be difficult for adolescents and their families, as teens navigate the transition to adulthood. If your teen is also suffering from a mental, emotional, or behavioral issue, he or she may need more support than you can provide. Turning Winds is here to assist you in finding the best option to help your teen overcome these struggles and become successful, even when it may seem impossible.

How To Find The Best Teen Treatment

Your Goal

You want your teen to be happy and healthy, but also successful academically so your adolescent has the best possible future. Often, teens who are struggling with severe mental, emotional, or behavioral problems have difficulty succeeding in the traditional school environment. That is because all these struggles are interconnected and can affect each other resulting in a young person spiraling out of control.  

Therapeutic boarding schools combine mental health care and academic support to prepare students for a future life of success. These programs accomplish this by helping youth build the skills and develop the necessary drive to succeed. The goal of therapeutic boarding schools is to guide troubled teens into changing their own lives by healing the whole person in body, mind, and soul. By addressing the underlying problems that hurt academic performance, adolescents can focus on and build confidence in that aspect of their life.

Location, Location, Location

Teens do not become at-risk overnight. By the time you are thinking about treatment programs, your teenager has fallen into destructive patterns or habits and social groups that reinforce harmful behavior. The best way to interrupt this cycle is to remove your teen from an adverse environment. Attending a therapeutic program away from home offers your adolescent new experiences and the opportunity to gain different perspectives. This can provide some clarity for teens on the unhealthy choices they are making at home.

Length of Stay

Life-long change takes time to acquire. Typically, a teen who is struggling is not open to accepting help or willing to put forth the necessary effort right away. It takes time for troubled teens to buy into the idea they need help or that their lives could be better. It also takes time for a teen to build trust with the people who are trying to support the adolescent.

Many programs promise to send home a reformed teen with only a short stay. As reassuring as that sounds, short term programs are less effective at producing lasting change in young people’s patterns and habits. Upon returning home from short term programs, teens often return to their old ways in a short time if not immediately. We understand it can be hard to send your teen away from home. However, programs lasting at least three to twelve months will provide your teen with a more solid foundation on which to build his or her new life.

Insurance and Cost

Many programs with high success rates are more expensive than alternatives. Steep costs can be intimidating and make you feel that long term, personalized support is out of reach for your family. This may tempt you to try cheaper options. Unfortunately, these can end up costing you more in the long run, not to mention the cost to your teen’s future and your family’s relationship. 

We understand parents’ financial concerns and don’t want that to hold families back from the opportunity to change their teen’s life. Many avenues are available to allay the cost of teen treatment programs, including health insurance, financial aid, and scholarship opportunities. So contact the programs you are considering and ask what type of financial support or resources they offer or can recommend.

Can Turning Winds Help My Teen?

Turning Winds is a residential treatment center and therapeutic boarding school for at-risk teens located in the mountains of Montana. Since 2002, we have run our program with the understanding that academic and future success is dependent on treating the whole person. We offer a balanced approach to healing the underlying issues of at-risk youth combined with a robust academic program so that young people can grow in both areas.

Our goal is for students to develop positive qualities like respect, gratitude, humility, and responsibility through a variety of activities. Adolescents in our care learn how to set goals, face challenges, and work with others. These fun experiences help teens build character and determination. We also support students in taking what they have learned and their personal growth to reconcile with their families and heal the divide they left behind.

For more information about our program and how we can help your teen, contact us at 800-845-1380.

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Heal With Turning Winds

If you are searching for the best way to help turn your troubled teen’s life around, Turning Winds is here for you. For years, we have been sharing resources and information with families while providing opportunities for their teens to get help in a supportive, nurturing environment. Don’t try to struggle through this process alone. Let us support your family and help find your adolescent’s path to healing.

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