Residential Treatment Centers for Teens & Adolescent from Georgia, located in Montana

If you have an adolescent who is struggling with mental health or substance abuse, you are not alone. According to the National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI), 1 in 6 teens struggles with a mental health disorder in the United States. We have been helping teens and their families heal and recover since 2002 and want to make sure you get the help you need and your loved one the help they deserve! Perhaps the biggest challenge you are facing when seeking help is navigating the process; of finding the best treatment program for your child. Look no further, Turning Winds is a legacy residential treatment center located in Montana specializing in providing an exceptional full continuum of care. Contact us online for more information, or call us at 800-845-1380. If we miss your call, rest assured we will reconnect with you promptly to start planning your transformative experience at Turning Winds.

How To Find The Best Teen Treatment

Teen with therapist in an individual session.

Your Goal

Your child is struggling with behavioral and mental health issues; they are misbehaving, disrespectful and defiant in the home, grades are falling, they are hanging out with the wrong crowd, perhaps they are experimenting with drugs or alcohol, they might be looking at legal trouble if their behaviors continue, they are lost. Your child is not a bad kid, but rather a good kid who has lost their way and needs to get back on the right track. You want them to be a functioning member of society; you want them to live a successful and joyful life. You have exhausted all resources at home as parents and need professional help; you need a treatment program that can save your child.

Location, Location, Location

You may think sending your child to a program close to home is the best option, but in most cases it is better to send your teen out-of-state. There are a few reasons for this, first and foremost being you should not limit your search to local programs; the best quality of care not location needs to be your driving force. Second, there is less risk of your child running away and going back to old people, places, and things that blocked them in the past from good health and will continue to inhibit their recovery. Third, a new environment offers the opportunity to have new experiences and gain fresh perspectives while learning new talents, developing new hobbies, and building a strong positive self-image. Fourth, your teen and your family need a break; the home has become and unhealthy and toxic environment. Treatment provides the opportunity for your child to focus on getting the help they need while you and your family can focus energies and attention to important matters that have perhaps taken a backseat due to your child’s struggles. Each party needs the opportunity to breathe, regroup, and heal.

Length of Stay

As you have been researching and navigating how to best help your child, you likely have come across a lot of short-term treatment options; programs offering 30-60 day treatment stays that typically work with insurance and discharge as soon as insurance stops authorizing. You might have been told that a 30-60 day program is more than enough time for your loved one to recover from mental health issues, but we would argue that 30 days is only the start. In our experience, it isn’t until 2-3 months into a program that a child starts to buy in the process. It takes a lot of work to get here and certainly is a huge turning point but there is still a lot of work to be done. This begs the question, how much can get done in a short-term 30-60 day stay? And perhaps more importantly, is a short-term program going to produce long-term success for your child? Teens especially need time and structure to help them recover long-term. It would be unfair and unrealistic to expect your teen to get better in all areas of their life within a few short weeks and months. True long-term healing takes time and so we strongly suggest you look at programs that offer long-term inpatient stays any where from 3 months to upwards of a year. Focus on the best care, not the shortest and most cost effective one that gets your child home the fastest.

Insurance and Cost

If you have private or commercial insurance your insurance plan could significant offset cost of care. Once you have found and researched a program you believe could be a good fit for your child give them a call and in addition to asking questions, have your insurance card ready so they can take some information to verify benefits and let you know how they can work with the policy. This will help you to get a better idea of what insurance will cover and what, if any, out of pocket costs you should be prepared for. We understand your concern and financial fear, but there are different means by which to pay your out of pocket costs. Remember, this is about finding the best care for your child not the most convenient.

Can Turning Winds Help My Teen?

Turning Winds is a therapeutic program and boarding school for adolescents between the ages of 13-17 located in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Troy, Montana treating mental health, behavioral health, and substance use disorder while also providing a fully licensed and accredited school for the child to continue his/her academics. We have worked with and treated numerous families and children from Georgia and can help you too. Whether you are looking for treatment in the state of GA or wanting to get help out-of-state, we can guide you to getting the treatment your child needs and deserves.

For more information on how Turning Winds can help you, contact us now at 800-845-1380.

Turning Winds wants to make sure that you are able to get the help you deserve, so please feel free to utilize these free resources below.

Health & Human Service Resources and Information In Georgia

United Way is an organization that provides information, resources, and services for Georgia residents.

2-1-1 is a non-profit organization that provides resources for those in GA.

SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration) is a treatment resource database for those who do not have private insurance or limited funds.

AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) provides meetings and support for those who have a problem with alcohol.

Al-Anon/Alateen provides meetings and support for those who know someone who has a problem with alcohol.

NA (Narcotics Anonymous) provides meetings and support for those who have a problem with drugs.

Nar-Anon provides meetings and support for those who know someone who has a problem with drugs.

LGBTQ resources for those in the Georgia LGBTQ community.

Parent Resources provided by the state of Georgia for parents.

Heal With Turning Winds

If you are a parent or a professional seeking help for a struggling teen between the ages of 13-17, we can help. Turning Winds has been providing treatment and resources since 2002 and we believe everyone should have the opportunity to get help whether it be here at Turning Winds or another better suited program. Contact us now for more information and let us help you find the treatment that works best for you.

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