Disclaimer: While we provide services nationwide, please note that our treatment facility is situated in Northwest Montana.

Disclaimer: While we provide services nationwide, please note that our treatment facility is situated in Northwest Montana.

Boarding Schools In Mississippi For Troubled Youth

If your teenager is grappling with behavioral or emotional issues, envision a program that provides compassion and assistance within a secure and nurturing environment designed for addressing your adolescent’s distress. Turning Winds, a residential treatment program tailored to troubled teens contending with mental, emotional, and behavioral challenges, offers precisely this kind of setting. Our dedicated team comprises experienced professionals committed to aiding your teenager’s recovery and facilitating your family’s restoration.

How To Find The Best Teen Treatment

Your Goal

As a parent, you would do anything to help your teen to ensure their health and happiness. Unfortunately, the teen years can be challenging as young people struggle with accelerated changes during their transition to greater independence and adulthood. While a certain degree of rebellion and acting out is expected, teens struggling with addiction, behavioral problems, mental disorders, or other challenges can spin entirely off track. Your teen may be making unhealthy or dangerous choices or failing in school, damaging your adolescent’s prospects for the future.

Turning Winds is a unique therapeutic program in that it can help by combining therapy to address the core issues causing problematic behavior and also provide the academic support to get your child back on track with their education. Not only do these long-term treatment programs help teens stay or get back on track academically, therapeutic boarding schools also prepare young people and help them generate enthusiasm to further their education. A long-term treatment program can also prepare your teen for a successful transition back home. This will help to ensure your adolescent continues moving forward rather than regressing into old patterns.

Location, Location, Location

Location is an essential aspect of choosing the right program for your adolescent. As much as you may want your teen to remain close to home, it can be beneficial to consider programs further away. You want the best opportunity for your teen, so searching outside local treatment options opens the door to find a better fit. Attending a program in another state also provides some separation between you and your troubled teen. This will allow both of you the space to heal by eliminating conflict. It also offers your adolescent the chance to gain independence and self-reliance by experiencing a fresh start away from negative peer influences. Attending a treatment center that incorporates a wilderness environment can also be beneficial because of the inherent healing aspect of nature and the outdoors on mental health. Wilderness treatment programs take full advantage of their natural surroundings by incorporating it into their treatment program. This allows young people to experience new things, build skills, and develop confidence.

Length of Stay

Consistency is a vital part of recovery. Short-term programs do not give teens enough time to develop new, consistent patterns of behavior that prepare them for a successful return home. Lasting change takes time because teens must first buy into the program and then be willing to undergo an arduous journey toward personal growth. Long-term residential programs may take more time, but they allow attendees the necessary time to work on themselves and discover their values and dreams for the future. Young people then have the opportunity to gain a new perspective on life and achieve their goals.

Insurance and Cost

Effective long-term programs require skilled treatment and academic teams, not to mention many other resources. As a result, costs for these programs can be high. The fear of such a financial burden can hold families back from considering these evidence-based programs, even when parents realize it would help their teen. No young person should miss out on the opportunity to get expert help because of family finances. Typically, a mix of private insurance supplemented by self-pay can make the best treatment across levels of care happen. To find out more about the coverage of your plan, please submit a Verification of Benefits Form.

Can Turning Winds Help My Teen?

Turning Winds encompasses all levels of care to provide the support needed encourage healthy independance. We use evidence-based intervention strategies and an accredited academic program to help teens achieve their full potential. Our goal is to support teens in understanding themselves and their struggles better and using that knowledge to increase their motivation to develop healthy habits going forward. Another essential part of recovery is healing the family, so we also offer family counseling, workshops, and aftercare programs to ensure teens have a successful and happy return home.

Mississippi Health & Human Service Resources

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AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) Mississippi meetings

Mississippi Al-Anon Family Groups

Mississippi Region of NA (Narcotics Anonymous) 

Nar-Anon Meetings in Mississippi

PFLAG Mississippi LGBTQ resources

NAMI Mississippi

Heal With Turning Winds

When your teen is in a crisis, you may feel lost and not know where to turn. Turning Winds is here to help and restore hope even when it feels out of reach. Contact us today to learn more about how our program has helped numerous teens like yours to recover and enjoy a brighter outlook for the future.

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