Residential Treatment Centers For Teens In Indiana

Turning Winds is a premier residential treatment center guiding troubled teens from Indiana who are experiencing substance abuse (including marijuana), emotional problems, or academic failure. In our serene, yet structured environment teens receive the superior therapy and treatment they need to make positive changes in their life, and rediscover the person they are meant to be.

Although Turning Winds may not be located in Indiana, we accept struggling teens from all over the country. When teens are taken out of their comfort zone and removed from negative influences and distractions, they are better able to focus on changing their behaviors and learning the skills necessary to make an incredible restoration.

As a Residential Treatment Center, we have combined a variety of proven therapeutic treatment methods to form the Five Pillars of Therapeutic Change.

This includes education on life and social skills, conflict resolution, effective communication, boundaries, health and self-development, and much more. While doing this, troubled teens learn to take accountability for their actions, gain insight into their past behaviors and why they were unhealthy, learn decision-making skills that help them set and achieve goals, and realize the importance of recognizing their personal successes.

To ensure that no teen falls through the cracks, we have a 5:1 staff-to-student ratio. Teens are continually engaged in beneficial activities facilitated by our highly educated and experienced staff. Our staff facilitates individual and group therapy, adventure and outdoor recreation and adventure therapy (that takes place outside on our 150-acre campus), and academic classes in our

Our staff facilitates individual and group therapy, adventure and outdoor recreation and adventure therapy (that takes place outside on our 150-acre campus), and academic classes in our nationally accredited school. This provides just a glimpse at our therapeutic program, which has an exceptional rate of success with teens in crisis.

Our licensed family advocates are available to offer help and assistance to the parents of troubled teens from Indiana. Call 800-845-1380 or 208-267-1500 in the evenings and on weekends for help.

Residential Treatment Centers For Mental Health

Turning Winds is a premier Residential Treatment Center guiding troubled teens from Indiana who are experiencing a variety of troublesome issues, such as pain medication abuse/addiction, emotional concerns, and behavioral misconduct. Using our unique 5 Pillars of Change, we offer the exceptional therapy and treatment teens need to make a long lasting restoration.

When placed in an unfamiliar environment, teens are better able to concentrate on their treatment, which often leads to more profound and lasting changes.

At Turning Winds, we understand that some teens do give in to temptation and peer pressure, which can lead to problems with pain medication abuse/addiction issues. Troubled teens who engage in these behaviors will receive education that involves substance abuse (including marijuana) awareness, education on relapse prevention, social skills training, and more.

Teens dealing with clinical depression and/or other ADD/ADHD (attentional disorder), whether along with or apart from substance abuse (including marijuana), take part in a variety of proven therapeutic interventions, including individual and group therapy, to work through their problems.

Regular family therapy is also an important component of our therapeutic services, particularly for teens fighting depression. Teens learn to appreciate themselves as a person, explore their external and internal personal resources, as well as how to apply them to different areas of their lives where they may be struggling, and gain a better awareness of their identity.

At Turning Winds, we are committed to help teens in crisis work through their current circumstances and transform into a young adult with integrity, a positive outlook on life, and the skills needed to maintain their restoration long term.

Long Term Residential Treatment At Turning Winds

As one of the nation’s premier Residential Treatment Centers, Turning Winds provides the therapy and treatment troubled teens from Indiana need for a successful recovery. We help teens experiencing a variety of issues, including substance abuse (including marijuana), clinical depression, behavioral misconduct, academic failure, ADD/ADHD (attentional disorder), pain medication abuse/addiction, and much more.

Located on 150 acres of gorgeous and serene land in Montana, we may be outside of Indiana, which is why we accept struggling teens from all areas the country.

When teens leave behind their comfort zone filled with unhealthy influences and are placed in a situation of uncertainty, it encourages them to take an active role in their treatment.

Experience shows that this provides the best opportunity for true behavioral changes that are long-lasting.

At Turning Winds, we place a strong focus on academics. In our nationally accredited schools, our certified teachers individualize educational plans to each teen’s specific needs.

They are closely monitored, and adjustments are made when needed to ensure a successful outcome that allows a teen to see that they have the ability to make academic achievements.

We also take full advantage of all that nature has to offer, by incorporating adventure/wilderness therapy into our therapeutic program. This allows teens to actively learn the importance of being able to rely on themselves and working together as a team to overcome challenges, become resourceful, and solve any problems that may come their way.

From mountain biking, hiking and whitewater rafting to downhill and cross country skiing, every activity involves a careful balance of hard work and enjoyment that is often more effective than any lecture.

Our experienced family advocates at Turning Winds are available to offer help and assistance to the parents of troubled teens in Indiana. Call 800-845-1380 or 208-267-1500 in the evenings and on weekends for help. 

National Organization For Parents Of Troubled Teens From Indiana

NATSAP For Parents: NATSAP is a volunteer membership organization who supports therapists and programs in Indiana with their efforts to help struggling teens and young adults; and their families. NATSAP realizes that, as a parent, this is an incredibly stressful and difficult time for you.

This is why they strive to offer the necessary resources available to help you match the unique needs of your child with a particular therapeutic program for troubled adolescents or young adults in Indiana; that would best benefit them. Provided is a list of articles giving assistance to you during this difficult time, as well as suggested questions for you to consider before making a final placement selection.

Counseling For Parents Of Troubled Youth In Indiana

Turning Winds, which is regarded as the best academic institute in the US, approves of the principles of this premier organization of volunteers and licensed therapists; guiding and recovering troubled youth experiencing the common trials of today.

Riley Hospital for Children (IN) is the first and only comprehensive hospital dedicated exclusively to the care of children in Indiana. Founded in 1924, Riley Hospital is among the nation’s 15 largest children’s hospitals and is considered the leader for pediatric care in the state and region. This Indiana hospital receives more than 177,000 outpatient visits and over 11,000 inpatient stays annually. Nearly 90% of all Hoosier children diagnosed with cancer are treated at Riley Hospital for Children, which also offers Indiana’s only pediatric centers for burns, kidney dialysis, cystic fibrosis, spina bifida, craniofacial abnormalities and sleep abnormalities. Riley Hospital has been ranked in the top 25 children’s hospitals in the United States using a variety of benchmarks, including NIH research funding and magazine surveys.

Riley Hospital for Children was consolidated with Methodist Hospital & University Hospital in a partnership as Clarian Health in 1997. The merger of the three hospitals provides the largest healthcare network in Indiana. Riley Hospital physicians are all faculty of the Indiana University School of Medicine. The School of Medicine, one of the nation’s largest, was founded in 1903. As the only medical school in Indiana, the School of Medicine not only educates most of the state’s physicians, it also spearheads innovative, quality improvements in medication education and research. Indiana University School of Medicine houses the state’s only psychiatry residency program and only child and adolescent psychiatry fellowship program. Riley Hospital is involved in training over 70% of Indiana pediatricians.

Many families from Indiana who are seeking help, have made Turning Winds their first choice for their troubled child who may be experiencing substance abuse (including marijuana), behavioral misconduct, or clinical depression. Here at Turning Winds, our therapists understand the common issues that troubled teens from Indiana are faced with every day; and we offer help to our students, so they can recognize and deal with their social-related problems in a way that is both healthy and productive. Our robust a variety of therapeutic intervention strategies (CBT, DBT, behavioral therapy) approach relies on connection, trust, and respect; thus inspiring an internally motivated restoration that lasts a lifetime.

Our therapists are committed to not only giving assistance to our students in need, but also the whole family; with the care and commitment required for full restoration. It is our desire to assist, guide, and coach parents from Indiana, with a struggling child, through a very difficult time. Turning Winds is here to serve! There is hope… and you are not alone. The vision of Turning Winds is to bring forth peace while remedying emotional health for troubled teenagers from Indiana.

Contact Turning Winds today at 800-845-1380 to speak with one of our expert family advocates. They are readily available to answer any questions about our enrollment fees, insurance affiliations, and proximity to Indiana. Make Turning Winds and their therapeutic boarding school a life-changing and memorable experience for both your family and your troubled child.

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