Sober Living Homes For Troubled Teens

Turning Winds is a residential treatment center/sober living home for troubled teens that offers professional clinical services as a “next-step” aftercare program for recovering addicts. Nestled in the beautiful mountains of Montana, Turning Winds is a residential treatment center (RTC) where teens ages 13 to 18, battling with substance abuse, mental illness or other behavioral problems come and stay for a period of time in order to receive help from the top minds and practices in the country. 

Sober living homes bridge the gaps from total-immersion residential care to the previous, addiction-laden environments. Extended stays at such facilities are impractical for a variety of reasons; often, the rising cost of full treatment is a concerning factor. In addition, inpatient addiction care is a very strict environment (as it should be), but not at all representative of what the world will be like. Sober living homes are a safe bridge between such intensive treatment and returning home.

Sober living program teens receive ongoing individual and group therapy, along with educational support. They learn to develop independent living skills, and of course, receive ongoing support toward sobriety. Most addiction professionals will attest that the best results for long-lasting sobriety include the concerted efforts of sober living programs.

Here at Turning Winds, our residential treatment program is fully staffed by professional, licensed therapists and counselors. We also employ educators, nutritionists, and other support staff who share a passion for assisting troubled teens to stay sober while transitioning back into the real world.

Why wait? Call our family advocates today at 800-845-1380 to find out how we can help you or your loved one get the support and care in their recovery that they need.

Clean And Sober Living Environment

A sober living house, like the one offered at Turning Winds’ residential treatment center, is a temporary, yet highly important step on the path to sobriety. It is here where girls and boys recovering from addiction can live in a supervised and sober living environment with both safe structure and rules, appropriate for troubled teens. This often includes chores, curfews, job seeking, and therapy.

In most circumstances, successfully maintaining sobriety requires patients to alter almost everything about their previous lives when they were actively addicted to alcohol, drugs, and other issues. This may include changing schools, replacing friends, or even eliminating loved ones who are deemed toxic to the student’s sobriety.

The goal of Turning Winds as a safe, sober environment is to integrate continued treatment with vital, fully licensed therapeutic treatment to ensure long-lasting sobriety for both girls and boys that have come out of traditional inpatient treatment. It has been proven that the best results for ongoing and continued sobriety include a transitional component, and this is our sober living program.

Turning Winds offers the therapeutic comfort that comes from the camaraderie of other troubled teens who are also dealing with the transition to the sober lifestyle. The initial goal of each student is to work through the struggles associated with early sobriety, and to help (and accept help from) others who are facing the same issues. In a sober living home, residents can focus on overcoming addictions to drugs or alcohol with professional help and move forward into a more successful future.

Sober Living Halfway House

  1. Sober Living Houses are structured in a way that avoids some of the limitations of traditional halfway houses. The essential characteristics include:
  2. An alcohol and drug-free living environment
  3. Therapy and counseling in both individual and group settings
  4. Ground rules to keep residents safe, secure, and sober

While this may sound like the traditional half-way house, or even drug treatment program, Turning Winds goes beyond both of these configurations to provide such things as educational assistance, therapeutic restoration, and individualized therapy. We know that in the 21st century, there are many different challenges and expectations for troubled teens than there ever were before. We embrace and utilize these outlooks to create an exceptional sober living environment.

Returning to the “old” world where a person’s addiction was rampant, with old friends who are still using, old places and circumstances that will sharply bring back old habits—can be a very frightening thing. Getting help for one’s addiction and struggling through the months of recovery is a huge ordeal in and of itself. Leaving the intense environment of treatment and going straight back to previous routines can be fatal—in more ways than one. Killing recovery is a real thing when a person starts using again.

This is why a transition such as sober living homes and Turning Winds program is not only a good idea—it is a vital one. Why make recovery even harder by returning to regular life far before one is ready? There is no need. We can help.

Call Turning Winds Academy at 800 845 1380 to speak with one of our specialists today!

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