About Turning Winds

About Turning Winds

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Welcome to Turning Winds, a place of refuge where the power of nature, the strength of connection, and the potential for healing converge to provide a transformative environment.

Our journey started over two decades ago, sparked by a mission to create a nurturing, growth-oriented environment for young people. We envisioned a place that harnesses the power of nature, promotes physical activity, and cultivates meaningful relationships as a mechanism for empowering youth to navigate and overcome life’s challenges with confidence and resilience.


The Turning Winds concept was the creation of John Baisden and his son, John Baisden Jr. This father and son brought their shared vision to life, crafting a therapeutic experience that stood apart from traditional institutional approaches. They understood that the combination of a clinically strong program, balanced with wholesome activities and a thriving environment, would provide a unique setting for fostering success.


Our expansive campus, nestled amid majestic mountains, sitting near the banks of the South Fork Yaak River, and with vibrant fields, provides an unmatched environment for self-discovery and transformation. Here, young people connect with nature’s powerful tranquility, learning invaluable lessons from the world around them. Inside the walls of our welcoming campus, we’ve created spaces designed to foster meaningful relationships, support academic pursuits, and encourage introspection and self-discovery.


At Turning Winds, we understand that each person’s journey is unique, so our approach must be individualized. We designed a robust program that supports our clients through critical milestones, starting with adjusting to the new environment, progressing to self-understanding and ultimately leading to family integration and resolution. This journey, while requiring an investment in time, is deeply rewarding and a crucial step towards long-term success.


Our dedicated team comprises therapists, educators, and support personnel, all committed to guiding our clients towards realizing their full potential. They form an interconnected network of support, creating a resilient, enriching environment that nurtures personal growth and self-confidence. They are our most valuable asset and the key to our clients’ transformative experiences.


Our activities are as diverse and dynamic as our clients – ranging from outdoor sports held on our campus to life-changing international service trips. These experiences expose our clients to a diverse array of perspectives and challenges, nudging them out of their comfort zones and prompting them to see the world – and themselves – through a different lens.


Balancing personal growth with academic development is fundamental to our ethos. We understand that academic success often goes hand-in-hand with personal development, so we offer robust support tailored to each student’s unique needs. Our integrated academic program ensures that our clients don’t just maintain their studies during their time with us, but thrive.

At Turning Winds, we see ourselves as much more than just a therapeutic program; we are a vibrant community. We celebrate every milestone our clients achieve, from the smallest vulnerable conversations to the most significant victories. Parents are integral members of our process, and we encourage their active involvement in their children’s journey. We take immense pride in the enduring relationships we build, cherishing each connection as an essential thread in the fabric of our community.


At Turning Winds, we provide our clients with a compass to navigate their journey and a sturdy foundation on which they can build their success story. It’s not about erasing the past; it’s about empowering them to write the next chapters of their lives, filled with resilience, growth, and achievement.


Join us in the journey of Turning Winds, where transformation, healing, and connection form the pillars of success.

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