Parent Resources

Parent Resources

If you are looking into residential treatment centers or therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens, you have come to the right place. We have helped many hundreds of teens and their families from throughout the U.S., and every habitable continent in the world. The changes we foster at Turning Winds are deep and lasting, which is why so many of our families consider their experience with us to be transformative.

At Turning Winds Academic Institute, we are dedicated to helping troubled youth and their families regardless of whether or not they enroll in our program. We have compiled an array of helpful resources to help you understand your child’s issues, and to begin the journey of finding help for him or her.


Do You Know Your Parenting IQ?

Improve your parenting with this Parenting IQ Test

Parenting is hard; parenting teens can be even harder, especially in the age of social media. We want to help you understand your teenager so you can improve your relationship with them.

A parenting IQ score measures how well parents relate to their teens. The Parenting IQ Test will serve as a roadmap to understanding better, relating to, and nurturing your teen as they grow.

Would you like to relate better to your teen and improve your relationship? Take this free test and get your Parenting IQ Score plus valuable life-changing insights and tips for you and your family.

Sites for Parents

  • Focus on the Family: Information for families and those who work with families.
  • Family Education Network Learning Network parent channel
  • National Clearinghouse on Families and Youth (NCFY) NCFY is the Family and Youth Services Bureau’s (FYSB’s) central resource on youth and family policy and practice.
  • National Families in Action National Families in Action’s mission is to help families and communities prevent drug abuse among children by promoting policies based on science.
  • National Runaway Switchboard Are you afraid that your child might be running away? Do you know what to do when he/she does? Do you know what to do when he/she comes home? Being a parent isn’t easy.
  • In the “parenting” category you’ll find information and links of interest to parents of teens which have good sources of drug-prevention information.
  • Parents. The Anti-Drug Parenting site launched by the White House National Drug Control Policy.
  • Interactive site draws from several magazines and parenting experts. Archives articles from the source magazines.

You may feel helpless, like your situation is hopeless, but let us reassure you that there is ALWAYS hope. We have helped hundreds of kids like yours, and brought them back to their families stronger than ever. Contact us today to learn more about your options, or call us at [phone] to find out more about our program.

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