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Turning Winds is a premier therapeutic boarding school for troubled teen girls and boys, ages 13-18, who are struggling with self and/or others. We aspire to administer an experience so unique and powerful that it redefines programmatic excellence and therapeutic effectiveness for our industry, resulting in positive transformation for youth, families, and communities.

Our teen boarding school is a catalyst for positive change in the lives of all who come in contact with our services. We specialize in providing superior therapeutic treatment for the following presenting issues: low self-worth; behavioral problems; poor academic performance; various teen disorders which may include ADD/ADHD, depression, various addictions, spectrum disorders and attachment disorders.

The typical stay at Turning Winds is 12 months. Turning Winds is designed to successfully work with families in many different geographic locations. Over the past decade, we have enrolled students from every major continent in the world (Call 800-845-1380 for foreign enrollment information).

Our Therapeutic Boarding School Student Profile

Our boarding school for troubled teens enrolls students who are intelligent, capable, amazing, and yet whose actions do not measure up to their value or potential; the outward signs of which seem to be a daily dose of self-destructive and life-impeding decisions. We are here to partner with you to stop the life destructive behavior of your teen or loved one. 

Therapeutic boarding schools are effective in working with troubled teens who face a number of different social, behavioral, and clinical challenges. These challenges include, but are not limited to:

Behavior Problems

Our first objective after enrollment is to create a plan that addresses immediate behavior issues. Most of our teens struggle behaviorally, especially at home. Typical behaviors we treat include Defiance, lying, lack of motivation, stealing, running away, immaturity, negative peer relationships, and impulsivity.

We address these behaviors while also helping the family to close any gaps that may exist in the home environment. Our therapeutic boarding school is effective in helping teens to curb bad behaviors and to adopt a healthier way of living.

Academic Underachievement

On average, our students maintain a 3.5 GPA, complete 2 years of schooling, and increase GPA by nearly a full letter grade in a 12 month period of time. Not many boarding schools can achieve that kind of a turnaround in such a short period of time. We can help turn your child’s academic failures into academic achievement.

TWAI’s typical student has an average to above average IQ and yet many are failing in school prior to enrollment at Turning Winds. We offer an individualized academic program that cultivates success in each teen we work with.

Poor Decision Making

Our students often have levels of self-worth that are in the unhealthy low range, which is manifested outwardly by the self-destructive decisions they make each day. Additionally, they may struggle with interpersonal/social skills deficits (In the home and/or outside of the home), and poor impulse control.

Our clients underachieve because they do not understand their value, potential, and strengths. We specialize in helping them to gain the vision to understand, see, and act according to their potential. Our teen boarding school offers a variety of tools to help buoy teens up by helping them to make better decisions.

Our clients underachieve because they do not understand their value, potential, and strengths. We specialize in helping them to gain the vision to understand, see, and act according to their potential. Our teen boarding school offers a variety of tools to help buoy teens up by helping them to make better decisions.

Adolescent Disorders

We treat teenage boys and girls who may struggle with mild and major depressive disorder, anxiety disorders, learning difficulties, attention difficulties such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), mild to moderate Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD), and bipolar disorder.

Adoption And Attachment Issues

Therapeutic boarding schools help teens with adoption and attachment issues. It is estimated that one in three teens referred for psychotherapy are adopted, and yet only 2% of teens in the United States are adopted. We understand real issues exist with teens who have been adopted. We help by validating teens who have been adopted and by teaching them appropriate coping skills. 

Helping them to understand and then to live up to their value and worth is our goal. Our safe therapeutic environment allows each teen we work with to find healing and to embrace change. In addition to offering treatment for RAD, Turning Winds also works with less serious forms of attachment problems resulting from divorce, abuse, and death.

Addiction And Substance Abuse

Addictions can be overcome utilizing the strength of a therapeutic boarding school. We treat all forms of mild to moderate addiction. Addictions include video game addictions, computer addictions, pornography, drug and alcohol addictions, cutting, and sexual addictions. Teens exhibiting similar forms of addictions have learned to manage and move past these vices, and more, while in our care.

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Therapeutic Boarding School For Troubled Teen Boys And Girls

Turning Winds is one of the world’s premier therapeutic boarding schools. Our proven program for struggling teens has consistently produced positive results for thousands of parents who have turned to us for help with their troubled son or daughter.

As a result of decades of experience in working with teens, we know that each child can and will make the necessary adjustments to be happy and productive in our therapeutic life-changing environment.

“I attended Turning Winds in 2017 and graduated from High School in 2018. I am now attending college and majoring in psychology.”

Faith from Folsom, California

Turning Winds Therapeutic Boarding School is recommended by professionals and counselors across the nation. We are located in Northwestern Montana in close proximity to Idaho, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and California.

To determine your child’s need for a placement please fill out our questionnaire by clicking here.

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