Clinical Services at Turning Winds

At Turning Winds the clinical services are unique in that we extend treatment beyond the confines of four walls.  We could not think of a better setting to apply our therapeutic approach than the serene landscape of Montana.  We have taken the best elements of care from wilderness therapy, therapeutic boarding schools, and inpatient treatment to create a one-of-a-kind residential treatment center.   We are driven with purpose and for many of us, this is our calling. Our clinical team has the experience and expertise to really create a customized experience to promote healing, build confidence, create understanding, and provide your child with the tools necessary to succeed post-Turning Winds.  

Our motto is to “connect, inspire and empower” our patients through our creative clinical work.  We understand that progress cannot be made without a relational experience and we feel that it is important to create “fun” clinical opportunities to open the hearts and minds of the amazing teens that we work with.  There are many residential treatment centers where the environment is a hospital-like setting where patients are rushed through hours and hours of “dry” and “sterile” work each and every day.  Treatment fatigue is a real problem with a lot of treatment centers which is why we take a completely different approach to dealing with some very serious and
complex mental health issues.



Making the choice to attend a treatment program is a big step for your teen — and your family. It’s reassuring to know what goes on at every step along their journey to recovery, from the admissions process to their residency at our treatment center all the way through to life after therapeutic restoration.  At Turning Winds, we provide a refreshing residential treatment center (RTC) experience for teens while also offering step-down care of partial hospitalization (PHP) and an intensive outpatient program (IOP).  It is in these three levels of care that we are able to bill insurance to cover your teen’s treatment.  

To find out if your insurance will cover treatment at Turning Winds, please complete our Insurance Verification Form.


●    The first step is to schedule a phone call with an admissions counselor to discuss your teen’s eligibility and needs.

●    Complete our Acceptance Application and Verifications of Insurance Benefits form to determine if your child would benefit from our program and understand your financial options

●   Once your teen is accepted, you’ll set an arrival date to begin their stay.  We also highly encourage parents to visit the Turning Winds Program to meet with the team of caring professionals prior to enrollment. 


●   Our medical, clinical, and operations team members will work with you, each other, and your teen to determine a personalized program that gets to the heart of your child’s issues and helps them navigate their healing process.

●    Your teen will undergo a comprehensive evaluation and assessment to assist with placement and arrangement of the services their program incorporates.

●   Your child will receive a treatment program to complement their needs which will include individual, family, and group therapy while also attending academic classes that provide the necessary structure to each day.

●   Your teen will also enjoy ample opportunities, outdoor activities, and educational classes that support their mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

●    We’ll work with you to teach you effective ways to support your teen and keep you updated on their progress throughout their time at Turning Winds.


●    Prior to your teen’s program coming to a close, we’ll work with you and your child on a transition and discharge plan to determine how best to support your them in the days, weeks, and months after they return home.

Ready to learn more about our comprehensive program? Contact us today to discover the ways our personalized, holistic programs can transform your teen’s life.

Ready to learn more about the Turning Winds difference? Contact us today to discover the ways our personalized, holistic programs can transform your teen’s life.

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