Residential Treatment Centers for Teens Michigan, located in Montana

We hold great affection for the state of Michigan, not only for its storied football history but also for its hardworking spirit and we maintain a strong connection to providing treatment to teenagers from this remarkable state.

Nestled in the picturesque mountains of western Montana, you’ll find Turning Winds, a residential treatment center for teens. This sanctuary offers solace and transformation for youths grappling with mental or behavioral health issues, as well as substance abuse challenges. If you find yourself concerned about your adolescent’s mood or behavior, you may ponder whether it’s typical teen rebellion or a more substantial concern requiring thoughtful intervention. At Turning Winds, we are here to assist you in discerning your teenager’s unique needs. Our adept and compassionate admissions team is readily available to address your inquiries and steer you toward the appropriate path for your teen’s well-being. Turning Winds delivers a distinctive treatment program tailored to teenagers who are contending with mental health or substance abuse challenges. For more information on how we can help your child, Contact us online for more information, or call us at 800-845-1380. If we miss your call, rest assured we will reconnect with you promptly to start planning your transformative experience at Turning Winds.

How To Find The Best Teen Treatment

Your Goal

You desire your teenager to experience both happiness and well-being while simultaneously cultivating responsibility and independence for a brighter future. Nurturing your adolescent’s mental, behavioral, and emotional well-being is essential for their journey toward becoming a content and self-reliant adult. If your teenager is facing challenges, a teen treatment center staffed with licensed professionals offering group, family, and individual therapy can assist your teenager in addressing the underlying causes of distress. Often, when young individuals encounter personal struggles, it impacts their academic performance. However, it’s crucial not to let your teenager’s education suffer. That’s why a therapeutic boarding school with an accredited academic program can provide the necessary support for your teenager’s educational needs as well.



Location, Location, Location

Within our expansive 150-acre campus, nestled far from the distractions of daily life, lies an oasis sculpted from one of the last remaining frontiers within the contiguous 48 states. This setting offers not just breathtaking beauty but also a natural playground for recreation. Merely crossing a bridge unveils a pristine valley, a realm waiting to be explored. This exceptional landscape is the place of transformation for countless lives over decades.

Tucked away in the woodlands of northern Montana, Turning Winds provides young individuals with an intentional retreat, a sanctuary where they can unearth the self-determination essential for a purposeful life. Here, far removed from the superficiality of our contemporary culture, youths shed the burdens of perceptions that often reinforce negative thought patterns. They open their minds to novel concepts and acquire the skills necessary to rebuild their quality of life, seize new opportunities, and wholeheartedly engage with the world in a joyous, meaningful way.

Yet, the true essence of stepping away from the familiar isn’t merely a temporary escape from life’s adversities. It’s a dedicated pause, a deliberate contemplation of life’s profound priorities. It’s an opportunity to discern and pursue what genuinely matters, while shedding distractions that obstruct our well-being and aspirations. This journey teaches our youth the art of meaningful and productive engagement in a future filled with success.

Length of Stay

Your teen did not reach a state of crisis overnight. Likewise, it will take some time to help your adolescent turn things around. Short term programs may offer fast results. Unfortunately, they are often not as effective as long-term residential programs. Teens that do seem to make positive changes in short-term programs regress quite often upon returning home. Long-term programs of at least three months to a year or more are preferable to give your teen the best chance at recovery and reform. One reason long-term treatment programs are effective is that teens need time to adjust to the new environment, trust the staff and process, and contemplate the prospect of change. Once these thresholds are met, young people discover the desire to put forth the effort to turn their lives around and can engage in the program. The extended stay also allows your family to work on letting go of conflict and move through the journey of healing.

Insurance and Cost

Effective, long-term care with individualized attention can be have an associated cost. Still, there are ways to lower the cost to your family. Many insurance companies will cover part of the cost of a teen treatment program. We can help navigate the insurance process. So do not let high costs scare you away before considering all the options available to get your teen necessary treatment.

Can Turning Winds Help My Teen?

Turning Winds is a teen treatment program located in the mountains of Montana. Teens from Michigan and around the country have come here to recover and reclaim their lives since 2002. We have a team of passionate, skilled, and caring teachers, therapists, and medical professionals dedicated to guiding your teen’s transformation. Our unique program will guide your family on a path to healing. Students also receive academic support in addition to mental and behavioral therapy using evidence-based techniques to prepare your teen for a successful future. 

Michigan Health & Human Service Resources

United Ways in Michigan

Michigan 211

SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration) Michigan resources

AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) Michigan meetings

Michigan Al-Anon Family Groups

Michigan NA (Narcotics Anonymous)

Nar-Anon Meetings in Michigan

Equality MI Michigan LGBTQ resources

NAMI Michigan

Heal With Turning Winds

Our goal is to help each teen in our care to restore hope for their future and to excel. Our staff is available to provide the resources and information you need to decide on the best treatment program for your teen and family. So contact us today to take the first step toward giving your teen a future full of possibilities.

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