Is My Teen in Need?

The teenage years are a time of experimentation and pushing boundaries. Hormones and emotions can become overwhelming, often swinging wildly, and both parents and teens can find themselves left feeling baffled by the behavior.  As a parent, you might wonder what happened to that sweet little girl or that affectionate

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Five Steps To Help Your Daughter From Spiraling Down

As a parent with a daughter, your hands will be full when it comes to navigating her emotional life, especially during adolescence. Between the pressures of social media, friendship drama, and body image, there’s plenty of room for your daughter to decline into bouts of anxiety, depression, and reckless behavior.

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Common Parenting Mistakes

Google the word “parenting” and you’ll find over 335 million hits. You could spend a lifetime and never finish reading all the websites and books, attending all the classes, and viewing all the videos that give you advice on how to parent a child. Maybe it’s enough to know the

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Choosing the Right Treatment Program for Your Teen

Seeking help for your teenager is a tough decision to make, but it’s the right one. Adolescence is a tumultuous time, even under the best circumstances. Teens’ brains go through huge changes, which can leave them volatile, vulnerable and fragile. For teens in crisis, treatment can make all the difference,

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Advice for Parents in Dealing With a Troubled Teen

Parents are usually told not to worry about unruly teens because the behavior is probably due to changing hormones. That may be true for some teens, but for others, hormones are just the tip of the iceberg. When you’re dealing with a troubled teen, it’s important to dig deeper to

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