Turning Winds – Our Approach to Effective Residential Treatment

Residential treatment centers are usually not set up for long-term care, focusing on 30–90-day treatment periods instead. This is great for getting patients in crisis to stabilize but it is not enough time to facilitate lasting change. In our experience, adequate time is a must for the growth and change

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How Turning Winds Began

Turning Winds is currently celebrating its 20th anniversary. The Montana-based program began in 2002 with the simple desire to help young lives see a new path. In the decades that followed, the program matured into a sophisticated program that blends the benefits of a wilderness program, a residential treatment center,

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Graduation as a Landmark

Graduating from high school, college, or a vocational program is usually a key moment in someone’s life. It’s a symbol of change, progression, and moving on to new adventures. People take a moment to celebrate what they’ve achieved so far and appreciate the memories that this part of their journey

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The Stars Program Inspires Treatment Progress

Turning Winds is a family-run full continuum of care for mental health issues combined with a therapeutic boarding school for teens. We believe the success of our teenage clients is based on a combination of therapeutic and educational approaches that provide the best possible outcomes for each patient we treat

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The Therapeutic Family Environment at Turning Winds

One of the many special things about Turning Wind is the way the team is able to create a family environment for the teens in treatment. One of the awesome people who make that happen is head chef Veronica Langton. She is an experienced and excellent international cook who is

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3 Most Effective Troubled Teen Residential Treatment Options

The other day, I had an interesting conversation with a mom about her 15-year-old girl. We discussed her daughter’s struggles with chronic depression and anxiety. She talked about her beautiful daughter’s potential and dreams and how suddenly, when she was 12 years old, her life came to a halt.  She told

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