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Alumni Event – Seattle, Washington

At the beginning of the year, Turning Winds Academic Institute began hosting regional, events as a way to build a stronger relationship with our alumni – a commitment which we feel is life long.  Our first ever event was held in Southern California at the beginning of this year, and it became and instant “hit!” Recently, we held an alumni … Read more »

Turning Winds Academic Institute Activity Track Development

Over a span of nearly twelve years, Turning Winds‘ staff and students have embarked upon numerous TREC expeditions that have totaled almost three-thousand miles of backpacking in some of the most serene mountainous, environments in this country. To put that into perspective, we could have backpacked from from Washington State to New York- 2,800 miles. We are excited to announce … Read more »

Helping Youth Realize Their Potential

At Turning Winds Academic Institute we help youth realize their potential.  One of the methods employed to accomplish this outcome is through our unique and customized expeditions.  Challenging, inspiring and fun is how one of our students defined their experience backpacking in Hells Canyon. The trip to Hells Canyon was amazing!  The hike into Kirkwood is a moderate rated trail with … Read more »

Alumni Reunion

Our commitment to excellence to the young men and women that we have served, extends far beyond commencement and graduation from our therapeutic school.  We are continually inspired by the stories from past students that have been conveyed to us through the means of social media, letters, emails and phone calls of their journey’s beyond our campus.  We are so … Read more »

Winter Expedition

Another successful outdoor-expedition, took place in the rugged mountains of Northwestern Montana in early January.  Due to the unpredictable weather at this time of the year, we chose to host our base camp at the Upper Ford, Forest Service Cabin.  Our group consisted of seven girls and two leaders.  The accommodations were state of the art, considering where we were … Read more »

What Fun it is to Ride on a Snowmobile

It was a cold wintery day for the students at Turning Winds Academic Institute but the experience of snowmobiling was enough to warm their hearts and minds -the thought of being in the cold quickly melted with excitement. There were many boys and girls who were able to experience the thrill of powering the snow machines across the expansive fields while maneuvering in and … Read more »

Activities Aid in Treatment

Many years ago while watching a Broadway play at the Spokane Civic Center with a group of our students, a profound comment was made by one of them that has had a lasting impact on the importance of engaging in meaningful activities, he said, “ I was having so much fun that I forgot for a moment that I was … Read more »

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