Disclaimer: While we provide services nationwide, please note that our treatment facility is situated in Northwest Montana.

Disclaimer: While we provide services nationwide, please note that our treatment facility is situated in Northwest Montana.

Residential Treatment Centers for Teens in Nebraska

Nestled in the mountains of Montana lies a haven where troubled teens can find help and hope. Turning Winds’ treatment center and boarding school has been helping at-risk youth to transform their lives since 2002. We believe that every young person has the potential to be the best version of themselves and succeed with the right guidance and support. We want to work with your family on your journey to get help for your struggling teen, whether that path is with us or another program. We can assist you with resources and information to find the program that will best serve your teen and family to heal and reconcile. 

How To Find The Best Teen Treatment

Your Goal

You want to help your adolescent successfully make the transition into adulthood and get your teen on a path to a better future. Teens that act out become defiant or disobedient. They make self-destructive choices that hurt their chances for future success and happiness. When teens start to behave in a problematic way, it does not mean they are bad or in need of punishment. It usually means the opposite. Young people’s outward actions generally indicate they are hurting inside or unable to process or manage internal struggles and emotions they are experiencing.

At-risk youth need a program that can uncover and address the core struggles at the root of the problem to change their behavior. Once teens begin to heal, many of the problematic behaviors automatically start to phase out. Each teen has his or her strengths, struggles, interests, goals, and history. These should all be considered in finding a treatment program that will provide the best results for your teen. In doing so, your adolescent will become more involved in the treatment process and take more ownership over their recovery, increasing the odds of making lasting changes.

Location, Location, Location

When you begin your search for the best location, you will want to keep an open mind about the distance rather than prioritizing programs within a closer range. By considering programs further away, you give your family and teen a vital opportunity. You will have space from each other to work on yourselves separately without the constant conflict and tension that may be dominating your lives together. Sending teens out of state removes them from the negative influences and destructive patterns they have grown into. It offers young people the chance at a fresh start in a place where they develop the desire and skills to live up to higher expectations. By staying at an out-of-state treatment center, young people can build independence, learn new skills, and grow more confident. They experience how to thrive in a community while working toward developing the best version of themselves.

Length of Stay

Real, transformative change does not happen in the space of a few weeks or months, no matter how appealing short term program promises may be. An authentic therapy process takes time. As young people build trust with staff, they reach an emotional place where they want to participate in their personal growth by making significant changes to their lives. The most effective programs last at least a few months, and preferably a year or longer with a period of aftercare and a sense of community that lasts after teens return home.

Insurance and Cost

Financial concerns families often have about how to pay for long term programs are understandable. Parents want the best for their teen but cannot always take on high tuition rates. Therapeutic boarding schools and teen treatment centers want to help teens who need it. For that reason, they may offer resources and information on how to lower costs through financial aid, loans, scholarships, and fundraisers. Many treatment programs will also communicate with your insurance company to help you determine what your insurance will cover and how to lower your out-of-pocket costs. 

Can Turning Winds Help My Teen?

The teen treatment program at Turning Winds offers a unique and effective approach to intervening in the lives of those adolescents who need it most. Our staff is passionate about using the latest evidence-based therapy approaches. We also offer an accredited academic program to inspire your teen’s evolution into the best version of him or herself. We pride ourselves on our successful track record. We have helped hundreds of teens and their families go on to achieve success in higher education and careers and being productive members of society. Our teens become part of a family that supports each other long after their stay at Turning Winds has ended. 

Nebraska Health & Human Service Resources

Heal With Turning Winds

No young person is ever beyond the point of getting help with the right kind of support and guidance. If you are worried about your teen’s behavior and choices and feel like you have exhausted all your options, contact us today to see how we can help you take the next steps.

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