Boarding Schools in Oklahoma for Troubled Youth

If your teen is suffering from a mental or behavioral health issue, there is hope and healing and we at Turning Winds want to help you get there. Your teen is not a bad kid, they are simply struggling and need therapeutic help so that they may be able to live up to their truest potential.

How To Find The Best Teen Treatment

Your Goal

You may be wondering where to begin or what kind of treatment is the best kind of treatment for my kid. If you are feeling overwhelmed on where to turn, you are not alone. Let’s first get you on the best path for your child and your family. Here are 3 simple steps to help get you started:

  1. Now is the time to reach out to a close, understanding family member or friend for support. This way you can clearly and constructively navigate this process while having loved ones support you and give you the energy and help you need to succeed at getting your teen help.
  2. Now is the best time to find out what your insurance plan covers. Knowing or having an understanding of this information can at least give you an idea of what costs are going to expected out-of-pocket when choosing a program. If you are not sure how to go about this process, feel free to call Turning Winds at 800-845-1380 for more information.
  3. Keep an open mind when researching treatment programs. Don’t be afraid to go out-of-state or limit yourself to only 30 day programs. Did you know that not all teen treatment programs offer grade recovery? This is the type of information that is important to know so that you can give your child the best opportunity at a full recovery.

Location, Location, Location

Location is important and if you are only looking at what is close to home, you are possibly missing out on some really excellent programs. We want to invite you to look at it this way, if your child was suffering from a serious physical illness would you simply choose a program close to home because it is more convenient or would you look throughout the country to make sure you are getting them the best care possible? It is the same with mental and behavioral health issues. Going out-of-state brings many benefits such as the removal of an unhealthy environment, suffering relationships, and the prevention of your teen reaching out or even running away to engage with their negative peer influences. Another amazing benefit of going to treatment out-of-state is the opportunity to discover new hobbies, talents, and skills that they may not have otherwise learned. When choosing a location, you want to think about how this rehab program will add to your child’s education, talents, imagination, and overall growth and self-esteem. No matter where you choose to send your kiddo, it should provide them with life-changing perspective on life and their future.

Length of Stay

Now that we have gone over the benefits going to an out-of-state teen treatment program, let’s take a look at length of stay and how crucial this could be to your teen’s overall long-term recovery and success. More often than not, a short term 30 day treatment program will not cut it. Your teen is struggling and sick and they need time to heal and change their entire attitude, behaviors, and outlook on life. We strongly recommend they attend a program that starts at a minimum of 3 months and could treat them all the way to a full year if needed. This will allow them the real opportunity to work through all their issues, catch up in school, and learn how to live up to their truest potential. Turning Winds has been working with struggling teens and their families since 2002 and from our experience it is so important that you look into every resource available so that your child can receive the best care possible.

Insurance and Cost

A frustration we commonly hear among parents is when their insurance company will only cover a certain amount of time, typically up to only 90 days. This is why we here at Turning Winds are here to guide you through the insurance process so that you can confidently move forward in getting your child the care they deserve. We understand financial fears may play a role in deciding where to send your child to treatment, but urge you to remember that this is their health and life and they truly deserve the best level of care. This is a long-term investment into your teen’s life and they are absolutely worthy of living a life full of purpose, happiness, and success.

Can Turning Winds Help?

Turning Winds is a mental health, behavioral health disorder, and substance abuse treatment center for struggling teens located Montana. Whether you are looking for help in the state of Oklahoma or wanting your child to attend an out-of-state program, we can help you locate the best treatment program for your child. 

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed when trying to get help for your child, but that is why we want to make sure you are not only equipped with the facts, but also armed with the correct information so that you can make the best decision for their care.

For more information on how Turning Winds can help you, contact us now at 800-845-1380.

Turning Winds wants to make sure that you are able to get your teen the help they truly deserve, so please feel free to utilize these free resources below.

Oklahoma Resources

United Way of OK  provides resources, services, and information for health, education, and income for those who reside in Oklahoma.

2-1-1 OK is a free non-profit organization that provides local and states resources 24/7 for anyone seeking help services.

SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration) provides a nationwide treatment center database for those who need help, but do not have the funds needed.

AA Oklahoma  (Alcoholics Anonymous) is an alcoholism support group.

Al-Anon/Alateen is a support group/meetings for those affected by someone who suffers from alcoholism.

NA Oklahoma (Narcotics Anonymous) is a drug addiction support group.

Nar-Anon is a support group/meetings for those affected by someone who suffers from drug addiction.

Youth Resources OK provides crisis intervention, resources, and support for teens and their parents in Oklahoma.

LGBTQ Support and Resources is a LGBTQ support and information for those living in Oklahoma.

OK Department of Education provides educational information and resources.

Heal With Turning Winds

Is your child or loved one struggling and lost? Have you tried all different means of help and support and nothing is working? Are you feeling overwhelmed and just not sure what you as a parent or guardian should do next? Contact us now and let us help guide you in the right direction that is best for your loved one and family. No family should have to face this journey alone so contact us today.

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