Insurance Verification

Turning Winds is an Out of Network treatment provider accepting most major insurance plans.

Here at Turning Winds we understand the immense financial challenges that families face trying to provide the very best treatment services for their children. To help lighten the financial burdens of the families we serve, we now accept most major insurance policies. This helps to significantly reduce the cost of treatment services for your child. We understand that as the parent, working with your insurance provider to cover the costs of treatment can be a nightmare. Or admissions and billing department team members are here to help guide and direct you through this difficult process.

VOB (Verification Of Benefits)

To get started Turning Winds must submit your insurance information to our insurance billing department for a verification of benefits. Once the insurance information is received we can begin the verification process on your behalf immediately. The insurance billing department will get in contact with your insurance provider and get a detailed explanation of the mental health and chemical dependency benefits within your policy. This explanation of benefits is made available for you by your admissions counselor generally within the same business day. The following pieces of information will be obtained:

  • Individual Out of Network Deductible and what has been applied to date
  • Individual Out of Network Out of Pocket Maximum and what has been applied to date
  • Whether there are Annual or lifetime benefits
  • Co-Insurance % after deductible is met
  • Coverages available (RTC, PHP, IOP, GOP)
  • Whether there is a waiting period for preexisting conditions

Insurance Verification Form

Many insurance policies require a pre-authorization. Pre-authorization is a preapproval from the insurance provider to provide treatment services to your child. Our admissions team and treatment team will do all they can to complete the pre-authorization process for you.

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