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The recent Youth Survey Report by the Virginia Department of Health reported that more than 30% of Virginia’s high school students felt hopelessness and helplessness that lasted for a few weeks. In the same group, about 40% felt the urge to harm themselves or considered suicide.

Now more than ever, we must safeguard our children and strive to ensure they can live to their full potential, despite facing mental and behavioral struggles.

Selecting Adolescent Residential Treatment Centers in Virginia and Comparing What They Offer

Mental health professionals in Virginia are calling for increased access to mental health services and support and better education about mental health issues and their warning signs.

Recently a Virginia State Delegate, Sam Rasoul, said, “Some of the data shows that there’s going to be a 37% increase in need so that we will need residential treatment beds.”   

This is significant when you consider that 55% of young people with depression go untreated. In fact, a study showed how the need for more mental health services and facilities in Virginia to treat adolescents has almost tripled.  While simultaneously, the resources to help families with teens battling depression and other mental health diagnoses are becoming more limited.

The lack of teen treatment options and staff shortages in Virginia has limited parent ability to get help for their teens. To help parents like you search online for information to find the best adolescent residential treatment facility or program to help your teen, we’ve gathered some helpful tips on the factors to consider in your decision-making.

The three most important factors for this difficult decision are location, duration, and cost. But, not all programs offer the same level of service or quality of care.  

Here at Turning Winds, we are transparent about our processes, commitment, and approach to care. We want this to be an easy decision without regrets. We understand that every parent wants the best for their children: happiness, health, and success.

If you are reading this today, it most likely means that you recognize this is indeed a complex situation and that your decision will affect your child’s future.  

The entire family is impacted when a teen is dealing with mental and behavioral concerns.  It causes anxiety for everyone in the household. The one thing for sure is that something must change, but that change is also frightening.  So many unknowns and so many doubts as to what is the right decision.  We hope the information below helps you understand the factors involved and facilitate your decision-making.

The three considerations for choosing the best treatment for your teen’s mental health and behavioral problems are:

Location, Location, Location!

Although there are many residential treatment centers for youth in Virginia, we fully endorse finding an out-of-state residential treatment program.

Believe it or not, placing your child in a program near your home is harmful and affects the likelihood of recovery. You may think that if they are nearby, you can visit more frequently, show them support, and even their friends can show solidarity.

Treatment for mental health in a facility in another state has several benefits.

  1. A new environment with no history and no pressure; after all, mom and dad are not going to show up for a visit today.
  2. Environment influences a child’s emotional state and ability to learn.
  3. Eliminates the option to “run away” or leave the program and return to the old crowd before they are ready. Once your child recognizes that leaving is not a real option, they are more receptive to making fundamental changes.


They have a blank slate with a newer, safer world to explore, the support of the clinical and academic staff, and no judgment.  This time of brief separation also helps the rest of the family to heal and recover, too.

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Understand the Length of Treatment

Treatment duration plays one of the most vital roles in recovery.  It is also often the one thing parents underestimate. There’s an expectation that treatment takes a few months, but short-term programs are not as effective since they only have time to deal with superficial issues and stabilization.

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Several treatment options, like intensive outpatient programs (IOP) or partial hospitalization programs (PHP), affect the length of treatment.

It is normal for parents and teens to be concerned about separation anxiety, coupled with the fear of the teens falling behind academically while undergoing treatment.

Here at Turning Winds, we have seen that longer stays, six months to a year, have better outcomes and lasting changes.

It takes time to change habits and tendencies that result from our environment and attitudes.  A child entering a program needs time to let go of their resentments, fears, and old attitude before they are receptive to change.  Only then can they learn new, healthier coping mechanisms and skills.

As one of the country’s leading long-term residential mental health facilities for over 20 years, our program is hybrid and combines clinical treatment, academics, and adventure therapies.

We pride ourselves in the balanced progress we help your teens achieve, and if you trust us with their care, we can help you guide them toward an ideal future, help you grow as a parent, and change your family dynamics.

3. Costs and Insurance

Treatment costs are often the reason parents delay treatment. Too often, parents are deterred by the costs or monetary restrictions. Residential treatment for adolescents is an investment in the future; it is a way to secure your child’s future.

Turning Winds works with your insurance company to coordinate benefits and maximize coverage. Most of the time, insurance will cover a significant amount of care, but this varies. Some insurance companies only cover partial treatment.  We can help you understand your benefits and costs and even help you create a financial plan to help you prepare for out-of-pocket expenses.

Know the Residential Treatment Center

Turning Winds is a teen treatment center that provides therapy, activities, adventure, and schooling—no matter what time of year it is or how they are doing academically.  Our program encourages our patients to catch up academically and even get ahead when it makes sense.

Our mission is to guide to help them to get back on track for a better, brighter future. Located in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains of Troy, Montana, we at Turning Winds pride ourselves on offering quality mental health treatment, behavioral health, and substance use disorders for teens.

We have a unique, dedicated, and loving team who passionately believes in our youth’s hope, healing, and recovery. Whether you want to visit our family here at Turning Winds or want more information about Virginia residential treatment centers, let us guide you to getting the best treatment for your teen.

You are not alone. Turning Winds can help! Contact us now for more information at 800-845-1380.

Virginia Health & Human Service Resources

One of our many goals here at Turning Winds is to help those seeking it, so we provided a list of free resources below.

  • United Way Virginia provides information for resources, community support, assistance, and more statewide.
  • 2-1-1 Virginia provides resources, information, support, and help through the state in local communities.
  • SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration) is a government database that provides nationwide resources for mental and behavioral health organizations for those who can’t afford treatment.
  • AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) is a support group that holds meetings for those struggling with alcohol abuse.
  • Al-Anon / Al-Ateen is a support group that holds meetings for those struggling with someone who is suffering from alcohol abuse.
  • NA (Narcotics Anonymous) is a support group that holds meetings for those struggling with drug abuse.
  • Nar-Anon is a support group that holds meetings for those struggling with someone suffering from drug abuse.
  • LGBTQ provides support, resources, and information for the LGBTQ community in VA.
  • NAMI Youth Group Support for adolescents who are looking for support and resources in VA.

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