• We influence real change and academic success with intensive
    therapeutic groups, individual therapy, and tailored academic instruction.

  • We offer a 5:1 student-to-professional staff ratio
    located in a serene, safe, therapeutic boarding school environment.

  • Find hope through the inspiring true stories from
    former troubled teens and their families.

Make the Right Therapeutic Decision for Your Struggling Child...
Choose Turning Winds, a Residential Treatment Center for Troubled Teens.

Nestled in the beautiful mountains of Montana, Turning Winds is a residential treatment center (RTC) where teens ages 13 to 18, battling with substance abuse, mental illness or other behavioral problems come and stay for a period of time in order to receive help from the top minds and practices in the country.

Our unique and sought after program offers a one of a kind, therapeutic model that takes the most successful therapeutic elements, from a host of different disciplines, and combines them into one, life-changing environment.

Students who come to Turning Winds are struggling with: anxiety and depression, attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), co-occurring and dual-diagnosis disorders, eating disorders (mild to moderate); obsessive compulsive disorder, and oppositional defiance disorder (mild to moderate). We can also provide therapeutic service to teens with select medical needs that include type-1 diabetes and girls who are pregnant up to 30 weeks.

Does Your Child Need Help?

Have you seen alarming changes in your child's personality, behavior, or academic performance? Is your child engaging in self-destructive behaviors or have they just "given up?" Are you finding it almost impossible to understand your child's change in behavior? How do you know whether its normal teenage rebellion or something more? We invite you to take the quiz below in order to gain a peace of mind.

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Does Your Child Need Help?

Is your child's troubling behavior and poor decisions normal
teenage rebellion, or something more? Take our quiz and find out.

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