Disclaimer: While we provide services nationwide, please note that our treatment facility is situated in Northwest Montana.

Disclaimer: While we provide services nationwide, please note that our treatment facility is situated in Northwest Montana.

Residential Treatment Centers for Teens in Illinois

At Turning Winds, we have worked extensively with many families over the years from Illinois where approximately five percent of our clients enroll into our treatment program from this great state. 

Seeing your teen struggle with a mental, behavioral, or emotional problem is one of the hardest things a parent may face. When your teen is in distress, it can affect all areas of their life and lead your adolescent to make destructive and dangerous choices. Not only does this affect your teen’s life presently. It can also negatively impact your adolescent’s future. As your teen’s behaviors spiral out of control, you may feel unable to help your child.

If your adolescent needs treatment to get back on track, Turning Winds is here to help. Our goal is to support you and your teen by sharing resources and information. We can also guide you to navigate the complicated process of finding the right program for your situation. Every young person can be successful in life. It just requires finding the proper help. With our support, the healing and recovery process can begin.

How To Find The Best Teen Treatment

Your Goal

As a parent, you would do anything to help your teen be happy and healthy. Sometimes that means knowing when your teen needs more help than you can provide. Regardless of how much parents love their child, parents typically are not trained on how to help a teen overcome extreme distress due to mental health or substance abuse issues. When even one aspect of your teen’s life is in turmoil, all other areas begin to suffer. So you want to find a program that can address all areas of your adolescent’s life so he or she can make a complete recovery and enjoy success in life.

Therapy is a core component of treatment programs for at-risk youth. Licensed therapists have the training and skills to work with teens to discover and treat mental, emotional, or behavioral health issues. Often, students’ problematic behaviors result from distress in one of these areas. So by treating the core issues, the problems can be resolved for good or managed effectively by the young person. Evidence-based therapy

practices entail diagnosing potential disorders and teaching healthier ways of dealing with issues so young people develop independence going forward.

At the same time, the teenage years are a critical time for education, learning both information and the skills they will need to be successful in college or future careers. So you want to ensure that while your student’s emotional needs are being met, academic needs are also being met. Therapeutic boarding schools offer smaller class sizes. This allows for a more personal approach to teaching with individualized learning and support systems to help students succeed and build confidence.

Location, Location, Location

It is understandable to want to keep your teen close to home. But ultimately, many families benefit from some time apart to ease the tension and be ready to repair their relationship. Additionally, for many teens, leaving behind their harmful environment and the negative patterns or social groups they were attached to is vital for recovery. Going away to a treatment center or therapeutic boarding school gives students a chance for a fresh start in a safe and positive environment. Considering programs further away from home opens up your options to find the best match. Exposure to a different environment also gives your teen a fresh perspective and new experiences.

Length of Stay

As you search for a treatment program to help your teen, it is natural to look close to home. Yet, there are many benefits to opening up your search to locations out of your state and further away. When you limit your search by location, you may miss out on programs that would be more effective or a better fit for your teen. It is also helpful to get teens who are at-risk away from unhealthy friends and negative patterns they have fallen into. Separating youth from their everyday environment provides the opportunity for a new beginning.

When young people go to residential treatment centers further from home, they are more able to engage in new experiences and open up to other perspectives. Leaving home also builds the youth’s self-confidence. This provides them an opportunity to start over without the influences they have had living at home and to mature into their better self. It also gives your family time to heal and recover by taking a break from the conflict happening at home. You and your teen can grow during the separation and let go of the negative interactions and perceptions to create a new, healthy relationship upon reuniting.

Insurance and Cost

Long term treatment programs can have higher costs since effective intervention requires more resources and skilled professionals. Concerns about affordability cause many families to give up on trying to get intensive care for their troubled teens. This is a valid concern for families. But it should not hold you back from pursuing quality care for your teen. There are multiple avenues through which treatment can be more affordable. If you have insurance, many insurance plans cover part of the cost of treatment. So don’t hesitate to call programs that interest you to see how they can help. Many offer scholarships and financial aid, or can suggest reputable loan companies for you to contact. Another consideration is trying to raise funds from friends and family or your community who all want to see your teen succeed.

Can Turning Winds Help My Teen?

Turning Winds has helped teens and their families, from Illinois and around the country, turn their lives around and heal their relationships since 2002. Our therapeutic boarding school is located in the mountains of Montana, where we help troubled teens change their life path. We recognize that every person has potential. When a young person’s potential is not being achieved, it usually means that healing needs to occur in one or more areas to resolve or manage the source of the problem. At Turning Winds, we work with teens so they can transform their behavior, achieve emotional balance, and succeed academically in preparation for life as an adult.

Some of the reasons our program is uniquely qualified to care for your troubled teen are that:

  • We have created an environment for family involvement by providing support for families through family counseling, parent workshops, and aftercare programs once teens return home.
  • We offer an environmentally friendly program that encourages social responsibility and respect for nature.
  • We have licensed therapists that provide one-on-one therapy to support mental and emotional healing.
  • Our program emphasizes character education to build a positive view of the self.
  • We use our outdoor setting as a vital part of our program. Students reap the benefits of being in nature and building confidence and life skills through wilderness activities.
  • We are fully accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission. This means credits earned through our academic program will transfer to any school or university across the country. Students can also earn a high school diploma or pursue a GED before taking college courses.
  • Our academic program includes an approved testing center to keep students on track to move forward in their educational careers.
  • We never enroll more than 45 students. That way, we can focus on individuals and give them a personalized and supportive experience.
  • Our support staff includes a registered nurse, psychiatrist, licensed therapists, and certified teachers to provide comprehensive support to teens in need.
  • We ask for a six-month minimum commitment, with most attendees staying an average of 12 months. This longer-term program allows teens time to make lasting changes during their stay.

Illinois Health & Human Service Resources

United Way of Illinois

Illinois 211

SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration) Illinois resources

AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) Illinois meetings

Al-Anon meetings in Illinois

NA (Narcotics Anonymous) Illinois meetings

Nar-Anon Illinois meetings

Equality Illinois – LGBTQ Resources

NAMI Illinois

Heal With Turning Winds

You may be hesitant to commit to sending your teen away and think he or she can make the needed changes at home with you. Unfortunately, when you have serious concerns and see more consistent problematic behaviors, your adolescent is unlikely to break out of that pattern without some kind of healthy intervention. It is better to get your teen the help needed to transform their life before getting into serious trouble that cannot be undone. Turning Winds has a proven track record of helping teens aspire to become productive members of society and making choices that lead to a life filled with health and happiness. Don’t hesitate when it comes to saving your teen’s future. Contact us today to get started.

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