Our Mission

Our mission is to rescue teens from crisis, renew their belief in their own potential and reunite them with their family and a path of success.

We serve to enrich the lives of our teen students, families, as well as those in future generations through deliberate commitment to and internalization of standards of excellence in our unique boarding school environment. There are no shortcuts to lasting success and thus we strive to model our commitment through thoughtful consideration, focused effort, consistent behavior, and intelligent decision-making. Following this approach has allowed us to achieve much success in our therapy for troubled teens, both boys and girls, who attend our boarding school.

We define ourselves through the integrity maintained in professional and personal relationships. Consequently, we conduct ourselves with integrity in all our dealings, maintain absolute loyalty to our core principles and values, and nurture functional operations to reflect this virtue.


What makes our boarding school experience distinct is that we are aggressive in our desire to facilitate constructive growth in students and therefore embrace the contributions of diverse beliefs, perspectives, and approaches. We believe differential success, adaptation, and improvement extend naturally from a diverse environment in which unconditional love, respect, and validation is nurtured in abundance.

Turning Winds utilizes a “world-class” team of professionals that melds multiple disciplines to tailor a clinically driven, personalized, relationship based treatment approach for your teen son or daughter; thus, inspiring a path of self-confidence, self-reliance, happiness and success. It is the people who make the difference in the Turning Winds therapeutic boarding school.

We believe that a foundation of “change” at Turning Winds’s therapeutic boarding school is realized through the application of our strength based model, The Five Pillars of Treatment which includes the teaching of character education and moral intelligence; the application of health & wellness; meaningful and experiential recreational activities, an enhanced-therapeutic recovery program; and an opportunity to achieve academic dreams. Together, we can make a life-changing difference in your child so that upon departure from our boarding school your teen will be standing on stable ground.

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