Turning Winds: A Clinical Model Built For Success

At Turning Winds the clinical services are unique since we extend treatment beyond the confines of four walls. We could not think of a better setting to apply our therapeutic approach than the serene landscape of northwestern Montana. We have taken the best elements of care from wilderness therapy, therapeutic boarding schools, and inpatient treatment […]

Helping America’s Traumatized Youth

“The inexorable rise of teen anxiety ought to be a national crisis,” wrote Derek Thompson in The Atlantic in February. In a previous article, he had offered four possible explanations for this crisis: “the prevalence of social media use; the decline of time spent with friends; a more stressful world of mass-shooting events and existential […]

Engaging Parents in the Treatment Process at Turning Winds

Welcoming entrance to Turning Winds program

Substance misuse and other mental health conditions frequently impact the entire family system, making them also relationship issues. Family engagement can play a vital role in recovery for individuals with substance use issues and their entire family system. Families often end up in turmoil—especially if the turmoil is centered on a teenage child.  “They are […]

The Mental Health Crisis in American Girlhood

“We are in the midst of a pediatric mental health crisis,” warned Claire McCarthy, MD, on Harvard Health in March 2022. The latest Youth Risk Behavior Survey published by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) only confirms this grim assessment. “As we saw in the 10 years prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, […]

Treating Substance Misuse at Turning Winds

“Substance use among high school students decreased for some substances from 2011 to 2021,” reported the latest Youth Risk Behavior Survey published by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in February. “However, many students still used substances and the lack of progress in adolescents’ use of some substances is concerning. The percentage […]

Turning Winds Offers Healthy Activities For Every Season

A pair of f students carrying their snowboards back up the snowy mountain for more snowboarding, one of the healthy outdoor activities Turning Winds offers.

Situated in the remote woods of Montana, Turning Winds offers young people a purposeful remove to find the self-confidence essential to leading a purposeful life. Here, away from the artifice and relentlessness of our current culture, young people can become free from the perceptions that reinforce negative thinking and instead accept new ideas and skills […]

The Turning Winds Team – Dedicated to Helping Your Child

At Turning Winds, it’s the people who make all the difference. Over the course of more than 20 years, we’ve built a team of some of the world’s finest academic and therapeutic professionals, all of whom share the same goal: to provide help for troubled teens and get them re-engaged with their lives, their families, […]

Learning as Therapy

Turning Winds seeks to turn hearts and minds toward a brighter future. We offer a high-quality academic experience for each teenage student. As clients in a residential treatment center with a strong academic program, they are provided with a highly individualized academic experience.  “Academics is a really important part of our program,” says Turning Winds […]

When Your Family Needs to Be Rescued

You may know that your troubled child needs help, but it’s not easy to figure out what type of treatment will deliver the greatest benefit. And it’s not only your child who needs help; frequently the entire family is in disarray and unsure of how to achieve a rescue. Different options abound: wilderness programs, residential […]

Keeping Up With School During Treatment at Turning Winds

Many parents of children requiring treatment for a mental health condition or substance misuse issue are concerned about the impact on their child’s education. A good education is important for personal growth and future employment. It can help students improve their self-image and self-confidence and offer different tools for problem-solving. It can stimulate mental agility […]