Substance Abuse Treatment Issues Specific To Girls

Young girls have a lot of pressures on their lives. Sometimes, they find those pressures too much to handle and they turn to a variety of substances to treat their emotions. They might be depressed. They might have anxiety issues. They might have an eating disorder. Whatever led they down the road to substance abuse, you as their parents are concerned and are seeking substance abuse treatment. You may have even tried a few avenues to find that nothing seems to work. And then you heard about Turning Winds Academic Institute.

 A Destination Of Hope

Turning Winds is a teen boarding school that is a real community that helps with substance abuse treatment. It also treats the underlying issues that goes along with abusing substances. This community focuses on academics so no teen falls behind in their regular school schedule while seeking they help she needs. There are also therapeutic professionals on hand at all times who help the teens find their way past their troubles and through their addictions. The end result is a teen who is engaged in living a productive, happy life.

 Specialized Programs

This integrated programs brings teens together with others like them in a nature setting that allows them to explore activities they may have never experienced before. Alongside compassionate adults at a ratio of 5 to 1, no teen is forgotten or left behind. Parents are also an integral part of substance abuse treatment and are encourages to actively participate in the changes necessary for success in the end.

 The Healing Power Of Nature

Teens are nestled into nature with the Turning Winds program and enjoy activities like rock climbing, kayaking, biking and make other activities near the city of Troy, Montana. Many times, teens who abuse controlled substances feel as if they have very little worth in this world. Their connection to nature will help them gain self-confidence and a sense of purpose for their future. The diverse groups get nothing but the highest levels of standards from experienced clinical teams who truly care about them.

 A Transformation For A Girls Life

Turning Winds Academic Institute might be the right answer for your teen’s substance abuse treatment. Check into the nature boarding school program and see some of the transformations that have already taken place. If you want what’s best for your teen and nothing else seems to work, it’s worth some searching. Your teen is worth it, you should call us today at: 800-845-1380


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