Self-Defeating Behaviors


Self-defeating behaviors are any action a person commits, that brings about negative ramifications within their life. The reasoning for why a person would act on a self-defeating bedavior varies. Typically however, a person acts on a self-destructive behavior because it the most enjoyable of choices at the moment.

The adolescent mind has a difficult time filtering decisions based on what is good for them, and acting on decisions that bring about instant gratification. Unfortunately, self-defeating behaviors are often easier, and more instantly gratifying behaviors to act on, rather than proactive, long-term gratifying actions.

Choosing to act on choices that result in bettering the longevity of one’s life, as opposed to their present situation, often requires diligence. It is for this reason troubled teens often act on self-destructive behavior patterns. For parents of troubled teens, it is crucial to steer their child away from self-destruction, and seek treatment options if need be.


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