Relationships are a personal bond that is shared between at least two separate individuals. This personal bond can be very intimate, such as the bond shared between husband and wife, or impersonal as the bond shared between boss and employee.

Relationships are an absolute factor in terms of living a productive, healthy lifestyle. Without relationships, a person is naturally depressed as humans are a social creature, in need of socializing with those around them. If a person fails to build relationships, they are most likely to suffer from severe depression.

While the development of a long lasting relationship that results in positive, personal outcome, it is equally important to abstain from negative relationships. For instance, a teen who chooses to develop a negative relationship with a negatively influential peer is at risk of participating in risky, sometimes severely dangerous behaviors.  Whether they are engaging in negative activities with a girlfriend, peer or perhaps even a close family member, negative relationships can derail, and even destroy an adolescent’s life.

A teen who consistently engages in the development of negative relationships, they are almost certainly engaging in the same activities as their chosen partner. For this reason, it is imperative for parents to intervene, and if need be, seek the professional services of troubled teen therapy.


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