Rebellious Behavior


Rebellious behavior is an anti-social behavior that a person displays earn they show attitude, or action that opposes or undermines any type of authority. An individual who displays rebellious behavior views they are justified, and do not feel that they are wrong in their oppositional tendencies, as they see authority as oppressive.

Rebelliousness is a natural, human response which everyone experiences at one point or another. However, these behaviors can become out of control, alienating the individual from functional society. Furthermore, Rebellious behavior is a prevalent issue amongst troubled teens.

Troubled teens typically view authority figures as their enemy and may feel as though they do not need to comply with any rules or regulations that authority figures may establish. . Troubled adolescents don’t view parents setting boundaries as a way of keeping them safe. Instead, these teens view their parents as unfair tyrants or oppressors who only want to get in the way of the teen from having fun. It is this flawed way of thinking that influences a troubled adolescent to rebel against parents and authority figures with regularity.


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