Reactive Attachment Disorder


Reactive attachment disorder (RAD) is a fairly rare, but nonetheless, severe emotional disorder, that should be treated with appropriate, professional care. RAD is a condition that actually starts during the earliest years of a human’s development. RAD is prevalent in infants who were not given proper loving treatment in their first months living.

Those who suffer from reactive attachment disorder, are commonly misunderstood, and can even appear to lack human empathy or other personable emotions. However, this is only the appearance of those who suffer from RAD and completely superficial observations by those who do not know them.

People suffering from RAD, are traumatized individuals. RAD is the result of an individual suffering mistreatment, early on in their developmental lives. Additionally, afflicted individuals build a social ‘exterior,’ which is created with the intentions of keeping people ‘out.’ Moreover, a person suffering from RAD builds this social exterior, as a defense mechanism, or as preventative measures so that they cannot feel the same neglect as they once have.


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