Proactive Mind Set


A proactive mindset is one’s ability act proactively as opposed to reactively. A person who is proactive will do what needs to be done in the moment they see an obstacle, as opposed to letting that obstacle deter them in the future. A proactive person makes decisions that will provide positive repercussions in their future.

make proactive decisions as opposed to reactive decisions. A proactive mind will control a situation by doing something about it, rather than waiting for them to take place. A proactive mind is always thinking of the future. If an individual has a proactive mindset, they will prepare and work on ways in which they can improve their future.

Unfortunately, troubled teens tend to struggle implementing a proactive mindset. Rather than think of what the future holds, they live in the ‘here and now.’ Troubled adolescents only care about how they feel at the moment, and, therefore, are unlikely to be prepared for obstacles and adversities hat lie ahead. Due to their lack of concern for their future, troubled teens are more susceptible to negative behaviors that provide instant gratification, even if that instant gratification destroys prospects and opportunities that may lie ahead.


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