Pre-Algebra is a discipline of study in mathematics. Pre-algebra is typically taken while in middle school or taught as early as the 2nd grade for students who are mathematically inclined. Additionally, pre-algebra has an age limit requirement for those who are homeschooled. The years in which a homeschooled student can participate in pre-algebra is between the ages of 8-17.

Pre-algebra is a preparatory course that is part of the core curriculum for any student in the US. A core class is a mandatory course of education, which every student must participate in and successfully pass to graduate. Due to its status as mandatory, minimum requirement, Pre-algebra is a course of great significance.

Pre-algebra is also a useful tool for preparing students for the greater level of difficulty they will face in the future, as pre-algebra is the foundation of learning for advanced mathematics. The main focus of Pre-algebra is to teach students about numbers that fall between the basic four (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) and algebra. Pre-algebra even includes some geometry, although most schools break geometry into a separate course.


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