Negative Beliefs

/neg.a.tive/ /be.liefs/


A negative belief is a thought, or system of thoughts, that negatively affects an individual’s life. Simply put, negative beliefs are those limiting beliefs about oneself or any aspect of a life, that prevents them from achieving success.

Negative beliefs are prevalent among troubled teenage boys and girls. Troubled teens create their own reality. Their negative thought process allows them to consciously view the world through a filter of unrealistic negativity. Troubled adolescents view all authority as their enemy, consequently alienating them from functioning society. In their mind, a troubled teen is the only one who possesses the answers, and everyone else is wrong. It is this problematic and faulty line of thinking that, in turn, enables troubled teens to consistently choose to make poor choices, in spite of the overwhelming harmful ramifications that ensue.

For parents of troubled teens who have developed a negative mindset, there are treatment options to consider. Residential treatment can assist troubled teens in developing a positive mindset.


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