When pertaining to the human mind, maturity is a term that describes a person’s capability regarding making choices best suited for their social surroundings, as well as future well being. Maturity is an attribute that can be built, improved upon, and forever changing within the mind of any individual.

A person who possess an adequate maturity level will make decisions based on what is best for their future, as opposed to simply choosing the easy route. Maturity is learned and further developed as a person progresses in age, rather than being something that is purely instinctual. Additionally, there are those who seem to be naturally more mature than others, however, maturity can always be something a person improves upon.

Troubled teens are a young demographic that generally lack an adequate level of maturity that is necessary for living a functional, adult lifestyle. Troubled teens are simply interested in their own well-being and prefer instant gratification over long-term consequences.


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