Extracurricular Activities


Mariam Webster’s Dictionary defines extracurricular activity as, ‘an educational or productive activity not falling within the scope of the regular curriculum.’ In other words, these activities are ones that a student engages in that do not pertain to their education directly. However, extracurricular activities are important endeavors to include oneself into in order better one’s productivity and well-being. While these activities do not directly impact the integrity of one’s education, they can certainly be used to improve the overall well-being of an individual, thus improving their overall educational experience.

Extracurricular activities are numerous and vary significantly in type. Activities such as, playing a musical instrument, joining a social club, or playing a sport are all forms in which a student can engage in extracurricular activities. Regardless of which avenue chosen, extracurricular activities are healthy commitments for a student to pursue actively.


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