Eating Disorders

eat·ing/ /dis·or·der/

The definition of an eating disorder is as follows: ‘ a wide variety of psychological disorders involving characteristics or habits related irregular eating patterns.’

Whether a person suffering from an eating disorder displays the characteristics of an eating disorder by eating too much or too little, it is a condition that may be life-threatening. Moreover, a person, suffering from an eating disorder should seek immediate, professional, psychiatric therapy.

Eating disorders typically become an issue after an individual develops a negative, often distorted, self-image. This low-self image motivates the affected person to change their eating habits in an extreme, unhealthy way. This person may then develop habits such as food binging, starving, or forcing themselves to throw up after a meal.

Eating disorders are difficult to overcome and pose a life-threatening threat to the affected individual. However, this condition can be treated. .In conjunction with professional, psychiatric treatment, an individual may overcome their eating disorder.


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