Core Classes


Core classes are academic disciplines of study that are mandatory for a person to take and successfully pass to progress in their education, and eventually graduate. Due to the importance of core classes, students should especially concern themselves with learning the concepts and lessons of these classes, as core classes are the foundation of every phase of basic education.

Core classes’ minimal requirements of basic education are made up of the following classes:

-social science
-mathematics (pre-algebra, algebra1, geometry and algebra 2,)
-science (earth science, biology, chemistry, physics,)
-language arts (American literature, creative writing).

Core classes are individually made up of levels of varying difficulty. For example, mathematics is a core class that is made up numerous courses a high school student may or may not take within their academic lifetime. While the minimum requirement for a student in mathematics may be set, students are not limited to that level of learning. Moreover, a student can take additional courses that surpass their core curriculums minimum requirement, as well as college courses while still enrolled in high school.


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