A New Twist On Some Old Brain Myths

To read the original post published on and written by Donald Trump on May 31, 2018 1. We only use 4 to 5% of our brains. The usual ten percent myth is wrong, according to Brain Vizion. We have even more untapped potential waiting to be unlocked! Brain is the most complex organ in the human body & serves as the […]

Blended Family Problems: Knowing How to Persevere

“When I look back at the pictures of our blended family the day Vince and I married, he and I are smiling, and all the children are frowning.” – Amy Grant In the 21st century, a “blended” family is a common situation. The struggles and culture of two different families living under one roof; attempting […]

Troubled Teen Is Given Opportunity Of A Lifetime

A program in Florida takes troubled teens around the world as a step to healing. Tyler Howell is your average 18-year-old boy. His family loves him, his whole life is ahead of him, and he’s made some mistakes. Unfortunately, Howell has made more mistakes than his peers, and since 9th grade those mistakes started him […]

One Young Man Shares His Amazing Story About Recovery

“I finally understood,” Jake says, as viewers watch videos of his younger self dance across the screen, “why people were doing things to make themselves feel different… once I got a taste for it, I tell ya—it was off to the races!” “I remember thinking to myself, “This is what I want to do. Probably […]

Top 5 Ways To Prevent Underage Drinking

A study came out this week showing that 7th graders who were exposed to alcohol ads – and liked them… were more likely to have problems with alcohol in high school. Let’s be honest; When was the last time you talked about alcohol ads with your kids? I don’t mean in a “Wow, that was a cool […]