One Young Man Shares His Amazing Story About Recovery

“I finally understood,” Jake says, as viewers watch videos of his younger self dance across the screen, “why people were doing things to make themselves feel different… once I got a taste for it, I tell ya—it was off to the races!”

“I remember thinking to myself, “This is what I want to do. Probably for the rest of my life.”

Jake, like so many others, didn’t see any reason to quit—or even any way to quit. It was, after all, a way of life for him. His story is, sadly, not unique. Teens and young adults all over the world, and particularly in America, are trying out the various ways in which they can alter their reality—where they can feel something other than the aspects of their own lives.

“Every time I did,” Jake says softly, “it was oblivion.”

But finally, Jake came to realize one very important thing, “I was only concentrating on myself.”

Watch Jake’s Powerful Story of Overcoming His Addictions [Video]

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John Baisden, Jr

John Baisden, Jr

John Baisden Jr is the father of seven inspiring children, and he is married to Kara, the love of his life. Together they have created a family-centered legacy by leading the way with early childhood educational advancement. John loves to write and is an author of a children’s book, An Unlikely Journey and plans to publish additional books. Show More

John is a visionary in his work and applies “outside-the-box” approaches to business practice and people development. He is the Founder of Turning Winds, along with several other organizations. He has extensive experience launching and developing organizations. His skills include strategic planning, promoting meaningful leader-member movement, organizational change, effective communication, project management, financial oversight and analysis, digital marketing and content creation, and implementing innovative ideas through influential leadership. As a leader, John seeks to empower others and brand success through collaborative work. His vision is to lead with courage, grit, truth, justice, humility, and integrity while emphasizing relational influence rather than focusing on the sheens of titles, positions, or things.

Finally, John is passionate about life and promoting equity among those who are often overlooked because of differences that frequently clash with the “norm.” He lives in Southern Idaho and loves the outdoors and the life lessons that can be learned in such an informal environment.

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