Alcohol Treatment For Troubled Teenage Girls

The Dangers of Alcohol on the Teenage Female Brain

Alcohol is damaging to the human boy for a variety of reasons. In regards to troubled teenage girls, however, alcohol can be just as damaging psychologically as it is physically.

Teenage girls’ brains are still developing. And – as you may very well be aware – If a teenage girl continuously engages in underage drinking, they can effectively stunt the crucial development of their still developing brains. While this may be common sense to some parents, there are others who turn a blind eye to their child’s self-destructive behaviors. With that in mind, it is critical that these parents of troubled teenage girls be aware of the dangers of underage drinking. But most importantly, parents of a troubled teenage girl need to be prepared to seek the necessary treatment for their daughter if they are engaging in underage drinking.

Alcohol Treatment for Troubled Teenage Girls

IT IS a common misconception that teenage drug and alcohol treatment facilities are only for those who are 100% addicted to alcohol. The reality is the majority of teens enrolled in a behavioral treatment program do not, in fact, suffer from full-blown alcoholism. Most teens in residential treatment, however, have experimented with alcohol on more than one occasion. While they have not yet fallen into alcoholism, occasional experimentation in a teen could build neurological patterns that may very well lead to alcoholism or addiction later in life. With that being said, it is critical for parents of troubled teenage girls to seek early intervention for their child, before they fall into alcoholism.

Residential Treatment for Troubled Teenage Girls

Luckily for parents of teenage girls experimenting with alcohol, there is a behavioral health solution known as, residential treatment. Residential treatment is quite popular among parents of troubled adolescents, and for good reason- they are flat out effective.

Residential treatment offers therapies for all kinds of behavioral health issues, ranging from addiction to defiance of authority. Furthermore, the most efficient residential treatment centers treat the underlying problems that cause teenage girls to drink, thus eliminating the driving force that enables drinking. 

If you are a parent of a troubled teenage girl who has turned to drinking, then perhaps Turning Winds Academic Institute is the answer you’ve been looking for. Turning Winds is more than a residential treatment center; as the name suggests, Turning Winds is also an Academic Institute, one that puts an added emphasis on scholastics. 

Your child will receive more than rehabilitative treatment for their behavioral issues. Upon graduating from our residential treatment facility, your teenage daughter will be prepared for whatever the world has to throw at her because she’ll have the education she needs to succeed. 



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