A Troubled Girls Therapeutic Boarding School – Is It Right For Your Teen Daughter?

As a parent, it can be overwhelming knowing how to help a daughter who is going through changes that are preventing her from living the life you want for her. Unfortunately, troubled girls often become that way due to social pressures, raging emotions, hormonal changes, and inner turmoil. While the teen years are naturally difficult, many young girls further suffer because of mental health constraints that are exacerbating their issues. 

While many girls are able to stay strong and overcome their constraints as they mature. Some need intervention to help them get their lives back on track and realize they have the inner capability of overcoming their constraints and living the life they were meant to.

A True Dedication To Our Students

At Turning Winds Academic Institute, we are dedicated to helping troubled girls ages 13-18. These girls face depression, suicidal thoughts, body image issues, eating disorders, drug use, low self-worth, and more. With our 5 to 1 staff to student ratio, we are able to fully focus on each of our students and help them overcome the issues that are preventing them from excelling in school and life. 

Our superior academic program allows troubled girls to, not only receive the therapeutic treatment they need but also continue to pursue their education. Our students stay in our program for twelve months. We help them to strive for excellence so they come to love the pursuit of education. When they leave our program, they are caught up on their academic credits and their grades are rising. Many of our girls go on to complete High School and pursue a college career.

Life Changing Success For All Girls 

It can be devastating to see a young girl with so much promise fall further and further into a distressed state. No girl has fallen too far that help cannot be found. The earlier the intervention, the greater the chances for a full turnaround towards unlimited success.

We are here to help troubled girls and their parents. We can help you answer the tough questions you have so you can make a sound decision to help your child. Contact us today and we will be happy to help you discover the methods that can bring back the daughter you know and love. Allow us to inform you about our program and give you the guidance you seek.  Is your teen suffering? we can truly help and it all starts with you giving us a call at: 800-845-1380


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