Apps For Parents Of Troubled Teens

Turning Winds Academic Institute offers programs that serves boys and girls with issues that include behavioral problems, low self-worth, poor academic performance, ADD/ADHD, addictions, depression, spectrum disorders and attachment disorders.

In this technology driven world, there are mobile apps that parents can download onto their smartphones and mobile devices, for monitoring without them knowing it and there are phone apps that teens can download to hide their activities which can lead them into dangerous situations. It is not always easy for parents to make the right decisions in helping their child.

Popular question and answer apps are also available to help teens, who can post their struggles on online websites that are designed to respond to the teens quickly in giving support and advice.

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With the many dangers and scams that entice teens in the cyber world, it causes parents much consternation. Of course, the first thing that parents feel like doing, is to take their child’s cell phone away, but this would take away the necessary communication needed between parents and teens while they are at school. Phone app technology has developed new methods for parents to continue monitoring their troubled teens’s messages and Internet activities. Again, parents should not become against because you are not spying on your teen, as a preventive measure, you are tracking their cyber activities to keep them safe.

Advanced apps are technology driven tools, which are available to help parents, in order to make it easier to find the help they need for their troubled teens. Apps for iPhones, iPods, and smartphones are now available and are a one stop shop of information and resources on a variety of teen issues. The apps are invaluable for parents because it helps to connect teen and parents, who are hurting, with someone who can help them. Programs designed to help troubled teens, like TWAI, which is accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission and the National Independent Private Schools Association, supports these beneficial apps.

The purpose of these cell phone apps prompts parents and caregivers to enter an awareness or response section, which then guides them through educational or related resource menus. In sections like the awareness section, it gives succinct information on a number of issues that teens face, including bullying of all types, addictions, gangs, anxiety disorders, ADHD, bipolar disorders, depression and many other issues that young adults face daily. When parents are given the tools to help them better understand these issues, then the apps provide answers or gives responses in identifying a specific problem and helps parents find a solution.

Mobile phone apps for parents who have teens that are struggling, also includes a prevention section that offers tips for parents and caregivers, which describes how to help your teen who is displaying destructive habits. The prevention section offers a list of resources with hotlines, social media websites, organizations, and other entities where help is always available. Therapetuic boarding schools like TWAI see the need for different app platforms which provides life-saving information and material, when parents are not sure which way to turn to save their child.

Troubled and struggling teens are a part of the digital age and they are consumed by modern electronic devices, but parents can no longer look the other way and hope things get better. Parents need to track their teen’s activities to help prevent all kinds of unforeseen dangers by having access to their emails, photos, videos, browsing history, chats, and GPS locations, then parents will know exactly what their struggling teens are doing, they can see the warning signs, and get their teens the help that they may need.


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