What Are Academics For Teens

As parents we want the best for our children and we know how important getting a good education is in helping them achieve a good future. The teen years can be the most difficult for some and it can be distressing to watch your teen struggle, or make choices that are leading them down a more negative path. Too often we see teenagers dropping out of High School, cutting their education short and narrowing their options for a brighter future.

In the U.S. alone, 1.2 million teenagers leave school before graduating. That means we lose about 7,000 students a day. But it doesn’t have to be this way and there is help, even for those who feel they have tried everything.

Turning Winds offers parents the resources and tools necessary to help troubled teens get back on track and finish their education. 

It focuses on academics and therapies that can help your teen get past their obstacles and troubles so that they can begin to engage within society in a productive and positive way. Their team of professionals know what it takes to help troubled teens reach education success, with many going on to a college education.

Turning Winds also work with parents to get them involved in their teens therapy and learning program, which can include family therapy sessions, workshops for parenting and a number of other tools that will help you, as parents, to help your teen.

5 Pillars Of Change

Each teen receives a customized program that is tailored to their academic and therapeutic needs through the schools 5 Pillars of Change. This focuses on the areas of:

  • Character Education and Life Skills – teaches teens how to manage themselves and to embrace character as a foundation for a more successful future. Teens are taught social skills, decision making skills, issue resolution, and service activities. 
  • Health, Wellness and Fitness – Health, wellness and fitness are a high priority at Turning Winds that focus on mental, psychological and physical well being. Trained medical staff and nutritionists work with students to maintain a healthy diet based on each individual’s needs. The campus also offers a variety of adventure and fitness education activities. 
  • Outdoor Education – Turning Winds utilizes the outdoors as part of the therapy process, teaching students the therapeutic benefits of nature and the great outdoors. It focuses on experiential education, adventure therapy and psycho-education therapy. Each activity is meant to teach important life lessons, such as team work, endurance, problem solving and mental strength.
  • Therapeutic Success – Turning Winds uses an individual therapeutic approach for your teen, with licensed professionals that can assess your teen’s needs and who work with the entire family to identify any issues. Students in the program receive weekly individual therapy to assist in their emotional growth, as well as group therapy and group activities that are geared toward dealing with the main social and emotional issues that teens today are faced with.
  • Academic Achievement – Each teen is given a unique experience in academics by board certified, trained teachers who assess your child’s academic need bringing your teen to academic success. Even the most discouraged teens will find the individualized one on one approach to learning much more helpful, as areas of weakness and strength are taken into consideration, along with which learning approach works best for your teen. Not every student learns the same way and this can be an issue in public schools that group all teens together under one learning style. Teachers also focus on preparation for college and the importance of continuing their education.

Common Programs

There are 3 programs readily available to teenagers, depending not their circumstances:

  • Wilderness Program – this is a therapeutic experience where a teen is immersed in the outdoors and can be very advantageous for teens who thrive in a wilderness experience. Wilderness programs are highly effective with teaching teens to be self-sufficient, improve interpersonal skills, work as a team and develop problem solving skills. It’s a shorter program that can last between six to ten weeks and typically costs about $550.00 per day.

  • Residential Treatment Center – in this program behavioral support, medical support, medication management, and intensive therapy sessions which include group, individual and family work are all utilized in a structured environment. These programs can last between several weeks to several months depending on health insurance reimbursement, and the necessary time to treat various mental health issues. Residential Treatment Centers typically range in cost between $2,000.00 – $5,0000.00 per day. The advantage of these type of programs is generally a health insurance policy will cover most of the treatment costs once the deductible and max out of pocket has been met.
  • Therapeutic Boarding School – Typically these programs offer a mix between academic and therapeutic support where the emphasis is on college preparation and academic performance while treatment takes more of a back seat in this type of an environment. These program range from 12-24 months in duration and can range in cost between $10,000.000 – $15,000.00 per month.

Turning Winds is very unique in that it offers a hybrid approach to treatment while delivering an experience that cannot be found in most other treatment programs. As parents, we don’t always have the expertise or time to fully help our children move beyond the hurdles of mental health or academic troubles. At Turning Winds, we really do build out a customized experience for each teen that admits into our program. In addition, we work extensively with the care givers/parents to develop healthy boundaries, communication, and effective tools to meet the needs of your child. When bright minds collide, amazing things can happen. Teens who were once rebellious, distant, and detached can once again reclaim a future that is bright and hopeful.

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