Understanding Your Daughter’s Erratic Behavior And Why Therapy Is Needed

Your daughter’s erratic behavior and poor academic performance may be due to peer pressure, lack of self-confidence, depression or experimenting with harmful drugs. She may not want to communicate with you yet she desperately needs your help. She does not know how to ask for or accept it.

The catalyst that set her off can be from a parent divorcing or other detaching disorders such as adoption. She may feel her parents are too busy with their own problems. Your daughter is unhappy and she does not really know where to turn.

Private boarding academy

Turning Winds in Troy, Montana provides therapy for troubled teenagers ages 13 to 18 in a beautiful valley surrounded by forested mountains. This academy in the Rockies is a retreat for young people who experience stress in the rural or suburban environment.

The therapeutic setting helps to build self-confidence and teamwork. Students enjoy the wilderness outdoor setting with camping, hiking, skiing, fishing and learning about nature. Turning Winds is located on the banks of the Kootenai River in the national forest of the same name.

The staff is 5:1 giving your youngster several caring adults who want to interact with her. This includes teachers and psychologists who care and understand the problems many teens experience.

There is no pressure, just understanding. No one is allowed to bully or intimidate another student.

Academic excellence

Students are in small classes with teachers who will work individually with teens who had poor academic performance. Many students are actually very bright but other factors kept them from working to their full potential. Students at the 12th grade level often graduate and move on to college with confidence.

Therapy is part of the educational process. Each young person learns about herself and how she can improve her outlook. She is given many opportunities for positive experiences and rewarded for her success. 

Learn more about Turning Winds with your daughter. The academy staff works closely with parents to repair damaged relationships with their child. Our program well help your daughter become a young adult with confidence in herself and her abilities. Call us at: 800-845-1380


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