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Massachusetts is a place rich in culture and known for its superior education, great sports, and delicious food just to name a few.  However, the one thing this great state lacks is excellent treatment options for teens. We invite our east coast friends to explore the excellent treatment options available to them at Turning Winds in the great state of Montana. 

Teens today face a multitude of challenges as they navigate the transition from childhood through adolescence on their way to adulthood. Young people are tasked with new responsibilities as well as the freedom to make decisions big and small that will impact their future. If your adolescent is also dealing with a mental or behavioral health issue, it can derail your teen’s life and put them on a destructive and dangerous path. When your teen is struggling beyond your ability to help effectively, you may feel lost and not know where to turn. Turning Winds is here to support you and provide guidance on how to find the resources and programs available to help transform your teen’s life.

How To Find The Best Teen Treatment

Your Goal

You want to curtail your adolescent’s disrespectful behavior and dangerous choices that are putting your teen and others at risk. Yet, acting out is a sign of inner turmoil. So your teen needs support to heal the core issue he or she is dealing with to change the problematic behaviors. Teen treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools are designed to help at-risk youth experiencing these challenges to heal and recover. These programs are staffed with professionals who are passionate about supporting teens through the difficult process of changing their life path to become a happier and healthier individual with a bright future.

Location, Location, Location

When searching for the right program for your teen, location is an important consideration. But it should not limit your options. Finding the best program for your teen with a proven track record is crucial even if it requires looking further from where you live. The good news is that there are many benefits to sending your adolescent out-of-state to an area that is new to your teen. First, it provides your family with a break from all the conflict. This will afford your family the opportunity for a fresh start. It also gives your teen a chance to get away from the negative influences that may have led to their current state or that are helping your teen maintain the status quo. Youth who go away also have the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends with different perspectives and common goals. It also helps young people to build confidence, independence, and a new sense of self.

Length of Stay

As appealing as short term programs that promise quick results may be, they are not as effective in the long run. A few weeks to a couple of months is not enough time to undo years of distress that has built up to a crisis. Teens need time to adjust, build trust, and buy into the program and the idea of changing their path before the process of healing can begin. Taking shortcuts on these steps will only hurt your adolescent’s ability to make lasting change. More extended programs give young people the best opportunity to experience “true” change. It affords them time to address and deal with the problems they are experiencing so they can adequately retrain their behavior and choices.

Insurance and Cost

Turning Winds is an out of network provider that works with every major payer. Give us a call, so that we can determine whether or not your insurance provides the necessary benefits to receive mental health treatment for your teen. 

Can Turning Winds Help My Teen?

Turning Winds has a proven track record of helping teens and their families heal since 2002. We are located in the mountains in Troy, Montana, and incorporate our wilderness setting into our treatment program. Our staff consists of caring and trained therapists, teachers, and medical professionals. They will work together to help your teen improve his or her mental and emotional wellbeing and ensure your adolescent is on track to succeed academically. 

Massachusetts Health & Human Service Resources

Heal With Turning Winds

We want to see every teen thrive, whether it is with us or another program. Contact us today so we can provide you the guidance, information, and resources you need to save your teen and your adolescent’s future.

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