Treatment Center for Teens in Kentucky

The Bluegrass state of Kentucky is known best for the Kentucky Derby, Mohammad Ali, and the Louisville slugger, just to name a few.  While small in population, this state captures the heart of the American People.  The Turning Winds connection to Kentucky is just as beautiful as the state heritage by providing exceptional care and treatment to teens who are struggling in life with mental health. 

Being or raising a teenager can be difficult. Adolescents are undergoing developmental changes while tasked with new responsibilities and making decisions for themselves that will ultimately affect their future. For many, these challenges are compounded by mental or emotional distress, which is often expressed through behavioral issues. If your teen is struggling and turning to destructive or defiant behaviors, your adolescents’ life and future may be at risk. When your teen is having difficulty, and you don’t know where to go for help, Turning Winds is here for you. Since 2002, our treatment program has helped struggling teens heal and recover.

How To Find The Best Teen Treatment

Your Goal

The teenage years are filled with new experiences, responsibilities, expectations, and interests. You want your teen to enjoy the last years before reaching adulthood, yet also prepare for a successful future. Treatment programs are an effective way to get troubled teens back on track through personalized therapy and academic support. The goal of teen treatment centers is to heal the root cause of problems that are causing young people to act out and get into dangerous or destructive situations. When a teen’s core struggle is met with empathy and evidence-based treatment, the other problematic behaviors and issues can be resolved; thus, forging a path of healing in your teens life. 

Location, Location, Location

If your teen is in crisis extreme enough to warrant concern, your adolescent has likely already established friends and habits that support negative patterns. Therefore, removing your teen from that environment is a vital part of a successful recovery. It is hard for parents to think of sending their teens away from home to get help. But a retreat gives adolescents an opportunity for a fresh start by being able to associate with different people in a new place. It also offers respite for your family and the time and space to heal old conflicts. During treatment, your teen will be going through significant changes. But for a while, your adolescent will be vulnerable. Progress may be hindered by being around people and places that reinforce old behaviors. Looking for treatment outside of your local area opens doors to programs that may better serve your teen.  With this in mind, we invite you to explore and discover The Turning Winds Difference. 

Length of Stay

Transformation takes time. If you are considering a treatment program, your teen has probably engaged in a pattern of destructive behaviors and habits for some time and likely even built up an identity around them. It requires time to discover what is at the core of a teen’s struggle so it can be adequately addressed. But to do so, your teen needs to develop trust that he or she is in a safe environment with people who want to help. We recommend a program that lasts at least three months to a year or more. This ensures sufficient time to build foundations that result in lasting change.

Insurance and Cost

Effective treatment requires intensive, personalized support by professionals with the resources available to help young people. These expenses add up and make treatment programs costly. For that reason, many families forego teen treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools, even when it would greatly benefit their teen. Before dismissing this type of program because of the potential financial burden, be aware of the many options that make it attainable. Many insurance companies will cover treatment for mental health and substance abuse. To find out the benefits of your insurance call us now for a free consultation.  

Can Turning Winds Help My Teen?

Turning Winds is a residential treatment center in the Montana mountains whose mission is to change the lives of struggling teens in need of positive, nurturing intervention. We provide therapeutic and academic support from passionate and skilled professionals in a personalized atmosphere. We are a fully accredited school, so while teens are receiving help for emotional or behavioral issues, they are not losing out on valuable educational experiences. Our program also focuses on building character, incorporating the nature around us into activities and experiences, and involving and supporting parents and families in the recovery process.

Heal With Turning Winds

You want to help your teen get back to his or her true self and rediscover their potential. Turning Winds can make that hope a reality. We believe every teen should be able to access the support they need to thrive, whether it is through our program or another. Contact us today so we can share resources and information to guide you in your search.

Kentucky Health & Human Service Resources

United Way of Kentucky

211 Kentucky

SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration) Kentucky resources 

AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) Kentucky meetings

Kentucky Area Al-Anon

NA (Narcotics Anonymous) Kentucky meetings

Nar-Anon Kentucky meetings

Tri-State Alliance – Kentucky LGBTQ Resources

Nami Kentucky

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