Troubled Teen Schools Save Lives – So Why Aren’t They Everywhere?

Therapeutic boarding schools are designed to help parents in crisis save the life of their troubled child. This type of schools provides therapeutic and academic intervention for teens who are dealing with rebellion, substance abuse, addiction, depression, anxiety, and emotional immaturity. But why are there so few therapeutic boarding schools in the U.S.?

Troubled teen boarding schools have become a beacon of hope for thousands of teens, but they are not always easy to find. Even if you can find them, it’s difficult to find room, and they cost a great deal. The best schools and programs are always full. But there are good options for parents willing to do their homework.

With such life-saving capability, why is it so arduous for parents to find a therapeutic boarding school that will bring true help and change to their struggling adolescents? The biggest reason is the fact that most States in the U.S. are “child rights” States. Meaning, the child has all the rights and parents are not able to enroll their child into a therapeutic program without the child’s consent. There is only a handful of “parent’s rights” States, where the parents have the right to enroll their child into a residential treatment school without their child’s permission. Montana, Utah, are among the few “parent’s rights” States.

Furthermore, parents often find it difficult to locate affordable academic-based residential treatment for their troubled teen. The truth is that there are very few “good” schools that are also affordable. However, there are therapeutic boarding schools that are able to take insurance. You just need to be able to find them. Moreover, some parents are leery about sending their child out of their local area, wanting their child to be nearby. Plus, there have been some “bad” schools that have tainted the entire industry.

Boarding Schools for Troubled Save Lives – Testimonials from Teens

 While there is a handful of schools that parents should avoid sending their teens to, the vast majority of private therapeutic schools provide excellent care, and their students experience total restoration – turning their lives around in miraculous ways, which includes grade repair and credit recovery.

With more teens in crisis than ever before, some parents feel forced to take drastic steps to save their child’s life before it is too late. And, in some cases, they should feel forced. According to MADD, 1 in 6 teens binge drink. [1] Allow this statement to really sink for in a minute. MADD is not talking about drinking a beer here and there at a party – they are referring to drinking until you pass out! Some parents have tried everything and are at their wits end.

Along with an increase in teenage drug and alcohol abuse, teens are facing mental health concerns that are rising exponentially as well. These problems are tied together. When a child is dealing with a mental health issue and is abusing drugs or alcohol, it is a crisis that needs an immediate intervention.

Today, troubled teens are in such emotional turmoil and pain they are even cutting themselves to try and relieve it. They feel so dead inside, they are willing to risk their lives just to feel alive. Unfortunately, too many parents are in denial and do not know the warning signs to look for so they can know if their teen is in a true crisis. [2] These parents act too late.

Yes, sending your struggling child to a therapeutic boarding school is a drastic step; but in some cases, it is the only way to save them from self-destruction.

Therapeutic boardings schools exist to help troubled teens wake up and realize they are destroying their lives. They help them get back on track so they can pursue their education and emerge from the program as healthy, self-sufficient young adults who are fully in charge of their futures.

Many parents are concerned about the cost of placing their teens in therapeutic boarding schools, and rightly so. It is important for parents to realize they can afford the cost of these programs through medical insurance. Insurance can cover much of the expense for treatment.

More about the publisher of this article: Turning Winds Academic Institute is a fully licensed and accredited school that is heavily regulated, as any such facility should be. Turning Winds offers a lifeline of help to teens who are spiraling out of control. Turning Wind’s stellar reputation speaks of the level of preeminent care students receive in the program. Parents of teens who are in a life-threatening crisis are urged to contact the Turning Winds. Turning Winds has therapeutic experts standing by to help parents find hope for their troubled teens. Call 800-845-1380.

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