Treatment Options For Your Daughter’s ADHD At Turning Winds

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in teens isn’t an isolated problem when you consider that an estimated one in 10 children suffer from it. But it’s often a difficult disorder to diagnose in teen girls, who often behave differently than boys who have the same disorder.

If you’re a parent whose teen daughter suffers from ADHD, you understand how difficult of a disorder it is, and may have already sought treatment options that weren’t successful. That’s why Turning Winds Academic Institute is a great alternative for your struggling teen. At TWAI, your child will experience the benefits of a wilderness program, therapeutic boarding school, and residential treatment center designed to turn their lives around.

Treating ADHD

The clinical professionals at TWAI believe that helping adolescent girls who suffer from ADHD involves a variety of factors:


Studies have shown that maintaining a well-balanced diet can lessen the symptoms of many disorders. Helping your teen maintain her mental and physical health includes a proper diet.


Both parents and professionals are seeking alternatives to medications, and exercise can increase performance levels in teens with disorders. Exercise is part of Turning Winds’ 5 Pillars of Change


Teens who keep a consistent schedule tend to thrive. As a parent, you’ve probably noticed that your child’s behavior deteriorates when they’re out of their regular routine. Lack of sleep can also trigger behaviors.


Parents who spend more time disciplining and correcting their children rather than trying to maintain a positive relationship may find the bond with their child weaken. Keeping a correct balance of validation/love and discipline helps your child’s behavior improve.

At Turning Winds, clinical services are carried out by professional therapists. Each student is evaluated by a clinician through a variety of techniques – including formal testing – to determine an treatment plan unique to each individual. For more information on how Tunrning Winds can help please call, 800-845-1380


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