Throw Like A Girl Has A New Meaning

When someone says a person throws like a girl, they are most often being insulting. Today, girls participate in a wide variety of sports and they are giving boys a run for their money. Sports participation can help to keep girls healthy and assist them in increasing their self-esteem and confidence. Now that girls are competing side-­by-­side with boys, this insult can now be considered a compliment. At Turning Winds Academic Institute, we believe participation in sports is a crucial element of ensuring young girls become fearless young women who are ready to face life with no limits.

Teens Girls Need to Have Opportunities to Excel in Sports

Girls are often placed under tremendous pressure to look a certain way. It doesn’t help that countless fashion magazines further push unattainable ideals by making girls think they can never be good enough, thin enough, or attractive enough. When girls get involved in team sports, their entire outlook on themselves changes. As they push themselves towards success, they work to reach their goals without basing their identity on what the world thinks of them. This is why Turning Winds Academic Institute makes sure our female residents are offered plenty of opportunities to participate in a variety of sports and physical activities to ensure their physical fitness is kept at its prime.

There are many benefits to girls participating in sports, some of these benefits include: 

∙ Better health

∙ Increased physical and mental strength

∙ Improved self­ esteem

∙ Stronger bones

∙ Reduced drug and alcohol use

∙ Reduced risk of obesity

Important for Girls to Learn to Play with a Team

Girls can also improve their social life by learning to work with others for a common goal. They can use the skills they learn while participating in sports to help them with their education. Team sports activities help girls to invest their time wisely. In a study conducted in 2004, it was found girls who are involved in sports have a much lower highschool dropout rate than those who are not physically active. It has also been found girls who participate in sports are less likely to become depressed and commit suicide.

We urge parents who are seeing self­ esteem issues, grade drops, and eating disorders to seek help for their daughter. At Turning Winds Academic Institute, we help troubled teens find their way in life. We combine the best features of a therapeutic boarding school and a wilderness therapy program so lives can be truly changed. Our focus is to help girls become the strong young women they were meant to be. Sports can be the turning point a young girl needs so she can overcome her self ­esteem issues and rise in confidence.



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