This Is NOT What A Life With Asperger’s Is Like – At Least Not What You Think

Socialization is hard enough without a spectrum disorder casting doubt on one’s mental and emotional situation.

Look at normal adolescence – is it any wonder some teens come to a crisis point? It is very tough to be a teen in today’s world – more so than any other time in recent history.

On top of Asperger’s and “normal adolescence”, most spectrum kids experience  negative peer pressure, pushed to go in the wrong direction. Not to mention the negative influence from music and movies, and social media. All teens struggle to navigate through adolescents, but can you image dealing with Asperger’s Syndrome on top of the normal adolescent challenges?

Unique Challenges at Every Turn

Sometimes an educational mandate is unrolled by so-called “academic experts”, which has more politics behind it than the best interests of the children involved. When any child is cut off from the positive aspects of a promising education they have very few positive options – they tend fall into behaviors and attitudes that are not in the best interest of their future. Especially Asperger’s kids. 

There are many, many factors Asperger’s teens have to deal with today – things that are above and beyond Asperger’s. From technology to societal norms, from biology to psychology. It’s not that unusual when the child with Asperger’s acts out, and it isn’t evidence of an irreconcilable failing. It isn’t cause to lose hope – but it is scary none the less.

Any teenage addictive behavior is troublesome, but addictions can be turned around–that behavior can be transformed. And it should be transformed, before it’s too late. But the teenager with Asperger’s will deal with his or her situation for a lifetime. It’s not like there is a cure. 

Parents of teens with Asperger’s can get help from experts – experts that have thousands of hours dealing with a broad spectrum of teens issues; spectrum disorders, substance issues, behavior issues, etc. But what about the teen?

Certainly Aspergers isn’t specifically caused by something that can be fixed or changed – it’s not like Asperger’s is a result of overuse of technology, bad medicine, or substance abuse. No one knows exactly what causes it, even if experts point to possible causes.

What is it like to go through life with Asperger’s? Do we really know? Do we know? You will be surprised to know…. Before we make judgments or give up, we need to walk a mile in their shoes – if that was even possible.

What It Is Like to For Those With Asperger’s Syndrome



More about Turning Winds – At Turning Winds Academic Institute, transforming lives is our passion. We are crisis workers, interventionists, and constantly aware of how fragile life is. And yet, because of what we have seen, we are also believers–believers in the reality that people can conquer anything, when they have something worth fighting for.

Turning Winds Academic Institute has a staff to student ratio of 5:1, ensuring your child doesn’t fall through any cracks. Designed as a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens, TWAI supports your child physically, emotionally, and academically with the goal of transforming them from a “troubled teen” into a functioning successful young adult.


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