Things You Must Consider Before Sending Your Daughter To Boarding School

It is critical for families in crisis to know that there are effective ways to help their troubled teens. Child and adolescent development is a touchy and deeply significant subject for parents, especially those who are dealing with trouble when it comes to teenage girls. Today’s society puts a tremendous amount of pressure on girls in general. Some girls have the capability to properly adapt to difficult situations, while there are others who are not as emotionally equipped to handle such pressures. The results are almost always the same: low self-esteem issues, adjustment issues, and tendencies to associate with wrong ideals that only provide temporal and fictitious rewards. These, among many others, are just some reasons why teenage girls act up. For parents who have tried to help their own teens recover from such difficulties but have been unsuccessful, there are professionals that can help with such matters.

What is Happening to My Little Girl

It may be difficult to discern what their adolescent girl is truly going through. Most parents would like to think that the trouble their teens are causing is just something of a phase that will pass on. However, there are many girls that experience real, deep-rooted identity issues internally that clash with their external environment. It is a truly confusing time for teenage girls, and without proper direction, they can fall into hopelessness and despair. Some signs of deeper trouble for girls may include abrupt changes in personalities and the onset of self-destructive behaviors. Teenage girls who are expressing a complete lack of interest in things that they used to be interested in might also be going through something more than what they show on the surface. During adolescence, girls are more susceptible to influences both positive and negative, and those who lean towards negativity are more than likely going through troubles inside themselves.

Options Available for Parents of Teenage Girls Considering Boarding School

There are many options available for teens that are having difficulty coping in typical social environments. Many communities offer a variety of schooling options that suits different types of situations for many families. Apart from normal public schools, there are other local schooling options that might provide a troubled teen with positive distractions. Career-themed or technical magnet schools teach students technical skills early on that becomes a good foundation for employment opportunities later on.

Medical magnet schools or fashion-design oriented schools may give troubled teens a more positive focus that they are interested in. Home schooling is another option for some parents who are willing to take a more involved approach in teaching. Home schooling may allow parents and troubled teens to find some common ground, have openness with each other, and go beyond academics in learning. Parents may take advantage of this time to really get to know their teens more and understand their predicament. There are also other alternative schools that offer different opportunities for troubled teens. There are military schools that focus more on a disciplined and rigorous program.

There are contract schools that work with specific organizations to employ core values into the public school system. And there are also therapeutic schools that place more emphasis on character development as a way of teaching rather than academic rigor.

More About Boarding Schools for Teen Girls

Aside from the home schooling option in which parents and teens can choose their own schedules, most of these schools follow a typical 5-day weekday schedule. However, there are schools that offer to house teens for longer periods of time. Boarding schools may have a part-time 5-day schedule where teens can stay at the school property throughout the week and go home for the weekend. There are also full-time boarding schools that house teens 7-days a week for full terms and allow vacation time during holidays. If a parent is considering sending their troubled teen to boarding school, there are some factors that must be well considered beforehand.

The parent must realize that boarding schools offer drastic amounts of separation between parents and teens. Depending on family relationships, this may have either positive or negative effects to either parent or teen or both. Parents must also consider the costs of sending their teen to boarding school. Although many parents think of boarding schools as the expensive private option, many such schools offer a variety of financial aid programs to assist families. The particular type of boarding school must then be chosen to fit the troubled teen’s needs. Military schools and therapeutic schools may appeal to different people depending on their personalities. Staff quality and other school resources academically and otherwise must also be considered for the sake of the teen herself.

How Can Turning Winds Help Your Family

Turning Winds Academic Institute (TWAI) is one such solution for troubled girls that seem to have run out of options. TWAI is a therapeutic boarding school that offers effective programs for middle school to high school-aged teens. They offer a structured academic program that involves many extracurricular activities centered on the development of better characteristics and values. The institution was established by a family who understood what it meant to go through difficulties with teens. TWAI was borne out of the pure desire to help families that are in need of assistance and to help young, teenage girls develop the desires for a better life and develop the tools necessary to find success in it.

Turning Winds offers an effective program for teenage girls struggling with such behavioral issues. They assist girls academically and teach better decision-making skills. Girls who are going through attachment issues and even addiction will also find help through TWAI. Teenage girls can learn proper life skills and leadership skills that can propel them towards success. The Turning Winds staff includes licensed therapists that set forth an individualized plan for each teen. All the activities and academics at TWAI are centered on the girls’ character development through the institution of healthy values.

Families do not have to despair in times of trouble. There are ways to cope with difficulties without having to go through pain and hopelessness. The relationships between parents and their teenage girls do not have to suffer. Turning Winds Academic Institute does not only provide families with effective solutions, but they provide families and teens with a better future as well.


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