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Tonight we celebrated the birthday of one of our students, Jasmine who just turned 18 years old.  What a blessing it is to have a student who is so passionate about changing her life.  And although she is away from her family, she mentioned that this was one of the best birthdays she has ever celebrated and she thanked the students and leaders for this momentous experience.

We had a great group of teenage boys and teenage girls with us tonight hanging out and having a great time.  One of our parents had just donated a new blue-ray dvd player, so we decided to view our first blue ray quality picture at TWAI.  We watched the movie, “War Horse,” which is an inspirational movie detailing the life of a young man and the bond it had with its’ horse, Joey, during World War I.  It was definitely a tear jerker for some of the girls.  It was one of those moments that as a parent you would have admired how remarkable your children were as they sat and watched the movie while talking and eating popcorn together without any concern as to whether or not they were up to no good.

While watching the movie, a group of students were in the nearby kitchen baking several batches of chocolate chip cookies as a gift for the staff at Turning Winds Academic Institute.  Needless to say, the cookies did not quite turn out as we had hoped for.  Either there was a key ingredient missing in the dough or there was too much of an ingredient as the cookies had sort of a bland taste to them.  Oh well, the kids had fun making the cookie dough and then baking the cookies.

Our group also created a new logo for our crew and will be working on a slogan that will go along with our new crew logo.  Eventually, the students will be able to have these printed onto t-shirts, polo’s or a nice fleece to wear around the campus.  Next week’s activity will be at a roller rink where we will have dinner together and put on some skates!   Wow, I didn’t know that roller rinks were still around.


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