The Restoration of Hope When All Was Lost – Overcoming Depression


Depression is an ugly disease and it affects more and more teens and young adults. If you want to do whatever it takes to help your child and nothing else seems to be helping, consider Turning Winds Academic Institute. You may have worried about sending your youth off to a program before. What if they fall behind in their studies while they recover? With Turning Winds, that is no longer a concern. Here’s what your teen will get in this program.

 Solid Education

At Turning Winds, teens are treated for their depression, but they also get a valued, high-level education that will keep them on track with school. And the education goes beyond book learning. They get an experience in nature that will give them life skills that translate over to other areas in their future careers.


Teens will enjoy a therapeutic boarding school with Turning Winds that has an excellent track record of success. The treatment program runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with an operations staff that has compassion for helping young people in a time of crisis.


The staff to student ratio is 5 to 1. No child will fall through any cracks. They will be fully engaged in social, academic, physical and therapeutic activities during every waking hour. The overall experience is powerful and a meaningful part of overcoming depression.


Teens get to enjoy a community among other teens that have depression and other similar ailments. They benefit from their location near the city of Troy, Montana with plenty of recreational activities and scenic views to enjoy. With a community of others like them and compassionate adults along with beautiful scenery and plenty of life-altering activities, they come out the other side of the program with a new sense of self-confidence.

 Teens who enter the Turning Winds Academic Institute to participate in a therapeutic boarding school in Montana often describe themselves as transformed after they complete the program. They came in with depressions searching for answers and a purpose to their lives. They go out with integrity and an excitement about their futures. Parents who feel like their teens are lost, but are willing to try anything should consider Turning Winds Academic Institute. This program might just be right for your teen.


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