Teens having a great Time!

Troubled Roller Skater’s not Teens! What a blast we had this evening as we took the kids roller skating in Libby, Mt.  It was fun to watch those kids who had never been roller skating attempt to skate.  One student, Stephanie, mentioned that it was nice to put on skates again.  Another student, Vince, had some hidden talent which we were unaware of until he put on his skates.

It was almost mesmerizing to watch him skate as he obviously had a lot of experience.  He showed off doing some jumps, twists and forms which demonstrated his skill level.  The other students could not believe what Vince was able to do out there on the rink.

We had the roller rink to ourselves and the management team was very effective in working the music, arcade game room and assisting with food accommodation.  We had Pizza Hut deliver at the roller rink for our convenience.  It was truly a teenagers night out from Turning Winds Academic Institute with pizza, soda, video games, music and the fun experience of, awkwardly roller skating for the  first time!


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